Santa Cruz Cuba Study Group Events

10-15-99  Benefit concert of Cuba piano music for Send a Piana
          to Havana

12-99     Coffee sales and Info table at SC Mall

1-15-00   Videos:  The Greening of Cuba (Organic Agriculture)
                   Sonata for the Left Hand (Pianos for Cuba)
          Music by Chuchumbe
          At SC Live Oak Grange

3-19-00   Panel of people who have been to Cuba
          Trinity Presbyterian Church

4-18-00   Panel of students who have been to Cuba.
          Video:  Cuba on its own terms - Robert Gliner
          At UC Santa Cruz

6-3-00    Info booth at the WE Carnival

6-17-00   Coffee sales and info table, SC mall

7-29-00   Video: Buena Vista Social Club
          Discussion by Brett Taylor
          At SC Live Oak Grange

8-19-00   Video: Guantanamera by Tomas Alea & Juan Tabio
          Discussion by Morton Marcus
          At SC Live Oak Grange

8-26-00   Booth at Heart Festival

9-9-00    Video: Lucia by Huberto Solas
          Discussion by Julianne Burton
          At SC Live Oak Grange

10-7-00   Cuban Dance Festival
          At Pacific Cultural Center

12-8-00   Cuban Music by Lida Lopez, piano and
          Havana Jazz
          Benefit for Send a Piana to Havana
          At Kuumbwa Jazz Center

12-18-00  Coffee sales and info booth - SC Mall

1-11-01   Display and discussion
          At Central SC Library

4-28-01   Videos & lecture by Gloria Rolando:
          Raices de mi corazon
          El Alacran
          At Cabrillo College Forum

6-2-01    Booth at WE Carnival
          Lecture on Cuban Music by Brett Taylor
          At Pacific Cultural Center

7-14-01   Video:  Strawberry and Chocolate by Tomas Alea
          Discussion by John Laird
          At SC Live Oak Grange

8-11-01   Video:  Cuba and Fidel by Saul Landau
          Discussion by Saul Landau
          At SC Live Oak Grange

9-8-01    Video:  The Last Supper by Tomas Alea
          Discussion by Morton Marcus
          At SC Live Oak Grange

10-13-01  Lecture by Karen Wald
          At SC Live Oak Grange

2-9-02    The Jews of Cuba.  Video:  Havana Nagila
          SC Live Oak Grange

5-25-02   Sister City Meeting -  Project Launch
          SC Live Oak Grange

8-7-02    Talk by Sam Farr.  Showing of Guama video
          Harvey West Clubhouse

8-17-02   Benefit Rueda Dance Party
          Jade Street Park

1-11-03   First delegation to Guama, Cuba (30)

2-28-03   Report by first Guama delegation.  Video,
          speakers Sam Farr and Jose Luis Noa
          Methodist Church, California Ave

3-28-03   Second Guama delegation

6-2-03    Lecture by Saul Landau
          LifeSprings Fellowship hall

6-8-03    Dinner, dance and Video by Marigold Fine
          Live Oak Grange

2-8-04    Dinner and report from medical delegation
          Live Oak Grange

3-18-04   Video:  Haiti: Harvest of Hope by Kevin Pino
          Talk by Paul Ortiz and Sue Terrence
          Live Oak Grange

4-30-04   Video:  Seeing Haiti through Lafanmi Selavi by Caitlin Manning
          Talk by Pierre Labossierre
          Louden Nelson

5-13-04   Video:  Free to Fly
          Talk by Carol Cross
          Live Oak Grange

6-17-04   Video:  Commandante by Oliver Stone
          Rio Theatre

6-27-04   Pastors for Peace Fundraiser dinner and dance
          Live Oak Grange

7-15-04   Video:  Guantanamera by Tomas Guiterrez Alea
          Talk by Alicia Jrapko on Free the Five
          Live Oak Grange

8-19-04   Video:  Our House in Havana by Stephen ___
          Live Oak Grange

9-16-04   Video:  Free to Fly
          Live Oak Grange

10-21-04  Video:  Che Guevara - Restless
          Live Oak Grange

10-27-04  Lecture by Isaac Saney
          Next Door Rio

10-30-04  Haiti Hurricane Relief
          Yard sale

11-18-04  Video:  Great Day in Havana
          Live Oak Grange

12-9-04   Poetry reading:  The Cuban Five
          Sin Fronteras

1-19-05   Video:  Life is to Whistle
          Rio Theatre

2-17-05   Video:  Mission Against Terror by Bernie Dwyer
          Talk by the director
          Rio Theatre

3-17-05   Video:  Cuba Feliz
          Live Oak Grange