History of Kelsick Grammar School, Ambleside:
a Way of Life on the Lakeland Fells

by John Mander

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A case study of the most successful years of State education in Great Britain in the post-war years, prior to the deliberate destruction of hundreds of the very best schools by the left-wing educational establishment through the imposition of the Comprehensive system. This is the story of one such excellent Grammar School, a tiny one-stream rural school, sometimes admitting 32% of the age range but bringing the very best teachers, largely unchanged for decades, who knew the names of all the pupils. It enjoyed the most dramatic site of any British Secondary school: on a mountain side overlooking the Lake District.

42 years after closure, 220 former pupils and staff returned for the 2007 reunion. They included hospital surgeons, university professors, writers, teachers, and nuclear scientists.

The book is written by John Mander, son of the last Headmaster, R.H. 'Doc' Mander, Head from 1936 - 1965. Born and brought up in School House on the site, the book reflects his personal insights into the school.

Over 600 pages, 549 illustrations. Hardback, colour cover.

John Mander

The author, John Mander, was born at Kelsick Grammar School Home, Ambleside (5th January 1939), where he lived till 17 years old. His Father (R.H. 'Doc' Mander) was Headmaster of Kelsick Grammar School between 1936 - 1965 and his Mother (Ethel Mander) taught History and English. John Mander attended Kelsick, was awarded a County Major and State Scholarship, gained an Honours Degree in Geography at St. Edmund Hall, Oxford (1957-1960), then an external Honours Degree in History from the University of London.

In 1961-1989 he taught Geography at Pudsey G.S., Hull G.S., Edward Shelley H.S., Wolverhampton, and Sheldon Heath Comprehensive, Birmingham.

In 1985-2001 he was Editor and Publisher of the Railway Collectors' Journal and the first national 'Journal of Railwayana History' and the first telephone auction called Birmingham Railwayana Auctions.

He has three sons: Julian, Justin, and Jason.

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