Donald Rawley 


LOS ANGELES (AP) - Author, poet and journalist Donald Rawley,  
whose works have appeared in some top American literary magazines  
including The New Yorker, died Sunday of complications from AIDS.  
He was 40.  

In all, Rawley penned five poetry books, two short-story collections,  
three screenplays and one novel.  

The novel, The Night Bird Cantata, is scheduled for publication in  
July. His second short story collection, Tina in the Back Seat, was  
the subject of a bidding war at the time of Rawley's death.  

A collection of his work titled Letters from Hollywood, and his  
first short-story collection, Slow Dance on the Fault Line, released  
in Britain in 1996, will both be out in the fall.  

He had several roles in feature films, including Vice Squad, as well  
as stints as a wallpaper and clothing designer.  

Rawley began studying with writer and University of California, Los  
Angeles professor Kate Braverman, and published his first two poetry  
collections with her help: Mecca and Malibu Stories in 1991 and  
Steaming in 1993. 

(May 3, 1998)

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