Janet Bernichon


updated March 13, 2001


Venus Is Broken

Dragon Walk

Just Like That


Object of Desire

Stick-on Titty



It is a mound of muscle
and fat, mine, transplanted,
tunneled up beneath the skin
and the wound is closed.

Recovery is long.  There is little
that pushes through the pain
at first.  No spasm fierce enough,
no scream louder 
than the memories marred
into my brain.  The new breast

is warm, blood filled, alive-
old flesh with a new 
purpose, but only part 
of the whole. 

Sutures dissolve
and scars fade with time.


All writings are the property Janet Bernichon (c) 1998-2001
Photographs "Venus Is Broken" and "Reconstruction," are self portraits. Drawings "She Still Dreams" and "Mirror, Mirror..." and graphics "Exam," portrait and graphic manipulation by Janet Bernichon


We are more than statstics.


Paper Dolls

(for Linda McCartney)

One folds over

in the black wind of a certain fate.

She bends

the line of ladies cut

 from the same song,

attached by the tips of their disease.

Breathe on one.

The shudder moves along the row.


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