AAR PRESS publishes Aliens Are REal magazine, and a monthly  
chapbook series, the first of which is Punchlines by Michael  
McNeilley. Upcoming chaps by Virgil Hervey, Lyn Lifshin and  
others. Write Justin Cline. AAR Press, PO Box 701, Seattle,  
Washington 98111.  

ALPHA BEAT PRESS publishes Bouillabaisse, Alpha Beat Soup,  
Cokefish, Fahrenheit 451, and other fine publications, including a list  
of chapbooks by some of America's finest. They like poetry with attitude  
and voice, and honor their Beat roots. Send submissions, or SASE for  
a catalog of current publications. Alpha Beat Press, 31A Waterloo Street,  
New Hope, PA 18938.  

A SMALL GARLIC PRESS, Outstanding chapbooks and broadsides  
by Renay, Meredyth Smith, Paul Mena,  LeeAnn Heringer, Marek  
Lugowski, Jesse Rider and many others. State of  the art website: http://www.enteract.com/~asgp/chapbook.html  Contact  
Katrina Grace Craig for more information.  

BATHTUB GIN is dedicated to an eclectic aesthetic. They publish poetry,  
short prose, essays, letters, artwork, and more. Gin is the first  
publication from Pathways Press, which hopes to publish chapbooks and  
broadsides in the near future. Send submissions and/or SASE to Bathtub  
Gin, PO Box 5154, Bloomington, IN 47407. Info also available at  
the Bathtub Gin website, or by contacting Christopher Harter  
(charter@bluemarble.net) or Tom Maxedon (tomiken0@netdirect.net) 
Email submissions are accepted.  

CAFFEINE DESTINY: THE MAGAZINE  premiered in February, 1998.  
Our first issue featured works by Robert Hill Long, Mark Halperin,  
Cecelia Hagen and others. It will be a quarterly publication. Please email  
submissions to denning@teleport.com, or request our mailing address.  
Thanks!  -- Susan Moore Denning, Caffeine Destiny.  

CHIRON REVIEW, published since 1982, now has a website, 
including general and submissions information, contests and notes, 
book printing services, sample poetry and a chatroom. Chiron Review 
has published poetry, prose, interviews  with and photos of some of  
the most engaging and controversial individuals from all corners of  
the literary and underground press universe. Past contributors include 
Charles Bukowski, William Stafford, Marge Piercy, Gavin  Dillard,  
Edward Field, Antler, Robert Peters, Joan Jobe Smith,  Fred Voss,  
Janice Eidus, Felice Picano, Lyn Lifshin, Will Inman,  Richard  
Kostelanetz, Lorri Jackson, Karen Themstrup, Charles Webb and  
a host of others, well-known and new. The Chiron Review website is  
brought to you by Zero City Press. Write editor Michael Hathaway  
for more information. 

DRIVE-BY BOOKS and BROADSIDES are filled with poetry, fiction   
and rants for our apocalyptic age. Get a sample book for $2 CASH   
PLEASE (or checks to Robert W. Howington). Add $1 and get all 8   
b'sides. 4405 Bellaire Drive South #220, Ft Worth, TX  
76109-5103, Email: robert.howington@chrysalis.org. You can  
see DRIVE-BY BOOKS on the World Wide Web at this URL:  

ENDLESS is a collection of stories and poems with articles  
and pictures sprinkled in... a poetic journal surrounded by and based  
on all the dull aspects of life. It's never what you thought it would be. . .  
incorporating absent thought and concentrated reason... an  
amusing world of pure emotion... glanging at the rules of wrong and  
right... letting you choose how you feel and what you say, Opinions ~  
stories ~ poetry ~ words and normal to abnormal feelings and views  
Endless is available to you for the simple price of $2 or $1.50  
and 2 stamps to Shantia Johnson. PO box 149, Delaware City, DE  
19706, or contact shantia@ix.netcom.com 

THE FREE CUISENART, a monthly e-zine published by Creative  
Coalition of Artists, is always on the prowl for quality poetry, solid  
short fiction, essays with attitude, and an occasional html poem.  
Regular features include "Meet Dr. Poetry," which showcases the  
biting wit of Dr. David Breeden on all topics related to the writing of  
poetry, and "Meet the Editor," a chance for a rival editor to voice his/her  
views of publishing on the web.  Contributors include Peter Horn, Victor  
Car, Michael McNeilley, Kurt Nimmo, Janet Bernichon, Marc Swan, Jim  
Gourley, Martin Auer, Liz Thelen and many others. Editor: Jordanne  
Holyoak-Kitchel, Associate editor: Elliza McGrand, Guest editor: Tania  
Rochelle.  Write to the editor at jordanh@mainlink.net.  

GALAXY publishes short fiction, poetry, commentary, a beer column,  
serialized accounts of real travel adventures, and more. In addition to our print  
publication, we now have a website, at http://www.intouch.bc.ca/pub/galaxy 
For writers' guidelines, submission and subscription information, write  
Matthew Forbes 

GEEK POET BINGO  pushes the boundaries of underground writing with  
surreal, psychedelic art, industrial music, and jazz-tinged, angst-laden,  
beatnik poetry.  Fusing alternative literature and underground writing  
with dark humor, sarcasm, and social satire, Geek Poet Bingo describes  
episodes of serene colorful nature, in the manner of impressionist paintings;  
it characterizes the best and worst of contemporary urban life; it cuts 
through pervasive everyday crap with a spirit of uncompromising social 
activism. Geek Poet Bingo fuses and blends underground art, subterranean 
art, ranting poetry, the avant-garde, the experimental. If Marcel Duchamp 
was reborn in the body of Friedrich Nietzsche, grew up in the 1970s 
influenced by beatniks and cyberpunks, then took a job doing computer 
graphics, he would have produced Geek Poet Bingo in his spare time.  

GRAVITY is a monthly e-zine of poetry and prose. Deadlines are  
generally the 15th of every month. Send 1-5 poems or prose  
(essays, short-short fictions, journal entries) to 2,500 words to  
ulysses@mindspring.com. Read an issue or two before submitting.  
Previously published work is fine, but let me know who published it  
first and when. No simultaneous submissions. If you submit work  
to Gravity, that is taken as tacit permission on your part to publish  
the work submitted. If you have not been published in Gravity  
before, send a bio with your submission. All rights revert to the  
author upon publication.  

GRIFT by Michael McNeilley. Published by God's Bar Press, New  
York City. With art by Brooks McNeilley. Email: virgo@panix.com 
Click here for sample selections.  

HAPPY KITTY 'zine is filled with rants, poetry, photos, fiction,  
sex, drugs and art. Virgil Hervey, editor of GOD'S BAR: un*plugged,  
calls HAPPY KITTY "a masterpiece." Get a copy of your own for  
only $3 CASH PLEASE (or money orders to Crista C. Williams).  
4405 Bellaire Drive South #220, Ft Worth, TX 76109-5103.  
Submissions solicited. Email: robert.howington@chrysalis.org 

IMPETUS is a somewhat quarterly magazine of poetry, artwork  
& related reviews, news of such, starting its 12th year. You can get a  
copy for $5.00 from Cheryl A Townsend, 4975 Comanche Trail, Stow,  
OH 44224. Annual Erotica and Female Only issues are out & available  
for $4.00 each.  

in the Electric Shadows - a new book of blues poetry by JJ Webb.  
"Poetry to protect the guilty." $10 tax/postage pd. from da Vinci Media,  
391 Redwood Dr., Felton, CA 95018. Email: leonard@cruzio.com 
For sample selections from in the Electric Shadows, Click here  

LILLIPUT REVIEW, is tiny, weird and wonderful. LR comes out  
12 times a year (mailed bi-monthly), alternating between regular issues  
and broadsides featuring single poets. Submit a maximum of 3 poems 
(previously unpublished unless otherwise noted) of 10 lines or less,  
with SASE. Pays 2 copies...reports in 1-8 weeks. Subscriptions $10 for  
15 issues, $5 for 6 issues, or $1 (...or SASE...or 2 stamps) for a sample  
copy. Checks to Don Wentworth, 282 Main St., Pittsburgh, PA 15201  

LUMMOX Journal: monthly Arts & Lit. mag ($20 for 12 issues)  
A monthly small press mag that examines the creative process thru  
interviews, articles, commentary & reviews, now in its third year.  
PO Box 5301, San Pedro, CA 90733-5301. Website: CrossRoads  

MONDO BIZARRO houses several mini-sites: The Underground Crawlspace  
Review, featuring underground writing with surreal, psychedelic art  
and angst-laden, socially conscious beatnik poetry.  Mondo Bizarro  
also houses The Ideas 1st News, an info clearninghouse about censorship  
and contemporary  alternative culture. Additionally, Mondo Bizarro  
houses the Panic Catalog, which features merchandise from alternative  
publishers the Panic Button Pr_est. Finally, this site contains the  
Production Doctor home page,  an innovative and reasonably priced  
web design, development and programming service.  

NERVE COWBOY, a brand-new journal of nontraditional poetry  
and fiction, is looking for submissions. Nerve Cowboy is open to  
most forms, styles and subject matter, though there is a bias toward  
accessible work that depicts the absurd nature of the human experience.  
In short, we want the writer to find that raw nerve and ride it through  
the fog like a good cowboy should. Please send poems, stories  
up to 5 pages, and black & white drawings along with an SASE  
to Joseph Shields and Jerry Hagins at P.O. Box 4973, Austin, TX  
78765. Editors respond to manuscripts in 2-4 weeks. Pays 1 copy  
upon publication. The first issue of Nerve Cowboy is due out  
in Spring 1996.  

Peshekee River Online Poetry Cafe is scheduled to go online around 
the end of September, 1998.... "if we get enough poems."  The zine  
"probably won't be very graphic at first.  Just a few pics and the  
poetry."  Write peshekee@hotmail.com or snail mail to The Peshekee  
River Poetry Cafe  P.O. Box 689, Eastpointe MI 48021. Editor Tom  
Blessing says, "My wife and I published Tandava from 82 to 92  
and it's time to do this again. " 

PENNY DREADFUL REVIEW, 70+ pages, published quarterly.  
Enjoys harder poetry... no touchy/feely stuff, many Bukowski-influenced  
writers seen here... political correctness is a joke... noticable interest  
in sex poems and self-indulged flights of violence. Featuring the comic  
"Christian Angst." Accepts submissions of poetry, prose and b/w art...  
include two 32-cent stamps and a short bio. $5/copy; $16/4 issues.  
Trades ok. Publishes lots of chaps... send SASE for list.  
Editor: C Ra McGuirt, 4210 Park Ave., Nashville, TN 37209,  
or contact CGarr31562@aol.com 

POETRY CAFE is a highly recommended spot for the literary-minded to  
to stop for a virtual cup of coffee. Visit Poetry Cafe at http://www.poetrycafe.com/  
for contemporary poetry, contests designed NOT to rip you off, and a lot more.  
A big, fine read. Submissions accepted by email: write Dennis M. Gaughan 
Poetry Cafe should give itself one of its Poetry Treasure Awards 

THE POETRY SUPER HIGHWAY exisits to expose as many people as  
humanly possible to as many other people's poetry (as humanly possible.)  
We feature the work of two poets online every week chosen exclusively  
from e-mail submissions. Also here are extensive listings to other poetry  
related websites, categorized, and accompanied by descriptions written by  
the web site creator/maintainer. Also also here is a chat room with weekly  
poetry related events, and poetry classifieds. We're constantly reviewing  
poetry submissions for weekly online featured consideration; and we're  
always adding new poetry web site links.  

POETRY TODAY ONLINE solicits readers and writers. PTO offers  
poetry, news, contests and more. Visit Poetry Today Online...  
send submissions to Margaret Perkins, Editor.  

PO'Fly language~arts news zine (est. 1994). Only thru knowledge &  
community can we hope to have success... PO'Fly (formerly Poetry Fly 
tries hard to express the girth of expression's mouth. Every issue features  
snips of all media... visual, poetry, fiction, audio, small press,  
commentary & performance. We accept submissions of all kinds...  
interviews, profiles, dialogue, comics, essays, poetry, fiction  
(100-2000 words), art, reviews of books, performances, mags, 'zines  
(basically anything). We also publish announcements of events, calls  
for entries, festivals, etc. PO'Fly, Editor: Michael Elton Crye,  
PO Box 1026, Ashland, KY 41105. Sample issue, $2.  
For more information, contact POFlye@aol.com.  

PRESS OF CIRCUMSTANCE, 312 E. 43rd St., #103,  
Austin, TX 78751. Books by Albert Huffstickler. Autographed copies  
available...just ask. SASE for information, price list and free Huff poem.  
Click here for sample Huff selections.  

READING LIPS by Lyn Lifshin. © 1997, Morgan Press, Milwaukee,  
WI. Exquisitely printed & perfect bound signed author's copies -- the  
last of a limited run. Send $15 to Lyn Lifshin, 2719 Baronhurst Dr.,  
Vienna, VA 22181-6158  Visit Lyn's website at lynlifshin.com for more  
information on Lyn and her work.  

SANTA CRUZ VISUAL ARTS INDEX (SCVA), a site specializing in  
artists and writers, is pleased to announce that the Internet's WebScout  
has selected Guggenheim winner Robert Sward for one of its coveted  
Way Cool Site Awards. This "best of the best" honor is reserved for the  
Internet's top URLs. The Award goes to Robert Sward for editing  
eSCENE 1996, "The world's first anthology of the best Internet-  
published short fiction, enabling readers to pick up the year's finest  
electronically published short stories without having to download a  
random collection of epubs. So cool it's HOT." For more information:  
408-426-5247 Attn: Elissa Alford.  

SCARS PUBLICATIONS produces books and magazines, including  
children, churches and daddies literary magazine, for poets and  
writers. Write Janet Kuypers for more information.  

SHEILA-NA-GIG, 23106 Kent Ave., Torrance, CA 90505.  
Excellent annual literary magazine, digest-sized, flat-spined, 100-150  
pages. $7 annually, $12 for 2 years. (Back issues $3-5). Cover letter  
preferred, submit up to 5 poems and/or short stories (up to 10 pages),  
B&W line artwork. SASE for upcoming themes. Looking for writing  
on the edge.  

SLIPSTREAM, Box 2071, Niagara Falls, NY 14301.  
Some of the best independent writing published in America today,  
in one of the best formats...7x9", 80-100 pages, and cheap at $5  
a copy. Subscriptions @ $15 include 2 issues and 2 chapbooks...  
or try the sampler... 2 chaps and 2 back issues (their choice) for only  
$8. Magazines and chaps are high-quality, perfect-bound editions.  
Chaps by Gerald Locklin, Matt Buys, Kurt Nimmo, Elliot Richman,  
Livio Farallo and others. Accepts submissions continuously...  
alternates between theme and general issues.  

SPRING CHICKEN. Edited and published by Brandon Keir Unroe  
...published in Washington, DC. Submissions are accepted year  
round. We are interested in poetry, short prose, plays, theoretical  
documents, photography, illustration, collage, painting, sculpture -  
the more experimental the better, but quality is our basic requisite. 

THINK -- A Quarterly Newspaper of Literary and Visual Art --  
contains short fiction, poetry, visual art, and more; available via  
US Mail for $1/issue within the US ($2/issue foreign). Each issue is  
at least 6+ pages of broadsheet newsprint. See also our WWW  
Site at http://think.ucdavis.edu, submissions from unpublished/  
alternative artists encouraged. E-mail: editor@think.ucdavis.edu 

THUNDER SANDWICH is as fine a collection of underground and 
alternative writing as you'll find on the net; poetry, fiction and 
essays from some of the best. Thunder Sandwich is looking for poetry 
and prose that riots, rapes, pillages and burns. Length no restriction 
if it's good. Check out the site, and submit  to Jim Chandler: reply 
usually within a couple days.  

TOMORROW MAGAZINE, published since 1982, takes its name  
from editor Tim W. Brown's mission to showcase tomorrow's writing today.  
Tomorrow always is seeking work for possible publication. In the past we  
have published poetry, short fiction, essays, dramatic scripts, interviews and  
B/W art. We prefer to look at about five poems at a time; we are not  
considering fiction at present due to over-commitments in this area. Although  
we will consider any style of writing, work that we publish tends to be more  
underground than academic in character. Contributors include Antler, Gina  
Bergamino, Hugh Fox, Richard Kostelanetz, M.L. Liebler, Lyn Lifshin, Kay  
Murphy, Charles Rammelkamp, Cheryl Townsend and Paul Weinman. Contact  
Tomorrow at POB 148486, Chicago, IL 60614; e-mail: audrelv@tezcat.com 
web: http://www.tezcat.com/~audrelv/tmrwplug.html 

TONGUE is a 'zine full of cool interviews, short stories, poetry, essays,  
music reviews and much much more. In the past we have featured interviews  
with the likes of Kevin Smith, director of Chasing Amy, Clerks and  
Mallrats, as well as Kevin Eastman, creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja  
Turtles and Heavy Metal, as well as many other icons of pop culture.  
Check us out at www.tongue-zine.com and send your submissions to  

WHO ARE WE? Poems by Alan Kaufman. "A new young Kerouac...Alan  
Kaufman's poetry has the bebop sound of the best Beat poetry" Ruthe  
Stein, San Francisco Chronicle. "...avatar of Lenny Bruce, Walt  
Whitman and Jackie Gleason" Cary Tennis, San Francisco Guardian 
"A great young poet..."San Francisco Weekly." "...work that robes his  
anger at growing up in a country that seems to have forgotten that people  
like Thoreau, Emerson, Whitman, Jack London, Henry Miller, Gertrude  
Stein and Jack Kerouac ever walked on this native earth. Alan has a  
vision of the broad-shouldered axe" Neeli Cherkovski, biographer of  
Charles Bukowski. Order from SPD/Small Press Distribution, Inc.  
1341 Seventh Street, Berkeley, CA 94710-1403  tel: (510) 524.1668  
fax (510) 524.0852  e-mail spd@spdbooks.org, or call Davka Books  
(415) 567-6689 or  e-mail Akpoem@aol.com. 

Last Updated: 9/16/98