Cream-colored revolver

As love is a gun,
fish in a barrel
seduce the water.

Though we see only
the top halves,
rainbows form
complete circles,

so that the job
of searching
for the rainbow's end
must fall to the
swift bullets of infinity
and none other.

Then again, you might have
too much time
on your hands.

As the brain is
a magazine,
too much rain
yellows and swells
the pages.

The holes in the sheets
were put there by insects
who carry no weapons,
though their effects
are no different
for being random
and irrelevant
by degree.

The cream-colored revolver
in Alice's dream
melts when she
touches it.

It makes no sense to fear
the passage of things known
when so much remains

If I am running
out of information
if I am running
out of ammunition
it's a good thing
only one target
my dear.

© 1996 by Michael McNeilley

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