Janet Bernichon lives on Long Island and is a registered nurse.
She is widely published in the small press and e-zines. Janet
has two chapbooks, Part of the Scenery and It's a Man's
, published by God's Bar Press of Stewart Manor, NY,
and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.


Charles Bukowski taught us the wisdom of writing in our
own language, by simply doing it better than anyone else.
Hank's poems and drawings in this issue of Zero City are
reprinted from the Olympia Review. "Decline" also appears
in Betting on the Muse, (c) 1996 by Black Sparrow


Chance Chambers lives in the suburban wilderness of Nashville, Tennessee
surrounded by squirrels, wind chimes and Halloween flags. Nashville became
his home in 1985 after he moved from his birth place of Paris, Tennessee, home
of the World’s Biggest Fish Fry. Also a songwriter/musician, he has a fondness
for Johnny Cash, The Animals, Bob Mould and everything in between. You
might run into him at Wigwam Village #2 or a drive-in theater savoring what he
considers dying roadside America.


Gerald Locklin was a friend of Charles Bukowski for over 25 years.
His recent collection of memoirs, essays and poems, Charles
Bukowski: A Sure Bet,
is available from Waterrow Press. Locklin
is widely published in the small press; his books include Big Man on
(Slipstream Publications), the old mongoose and other poems
(Pearl Editions), Two Jazz Sequences (Zerx Press), and many others.
Locklin teaches at California State University, Long Beach.


When not recording location sound for indie films,
Jan McLaughlin hibernates in her loft, reading, writing,
and playing guitar. The more media, the better.
"The light, the wind, the sea air, healing..." is
from her newest manuscript, Letters.


Joshua Millican is a member of the National Slam Poetry
team from Monterey Bay. He has been published in
Paper Radio, Chinquapin, The Allegheny Review, and The Hawk.


Oberc says Chicago has "taken more from me than it's given."
He's currently working on book structures as part of his thesis in an
Interdisciplinary Arts graduate degree program, preparing two new
chapbooks of poetry, collaborating with Todd Moore on another
poetry chapbook, and searching desperately for the time to do more
scratchboard drawings.


Donald Rawley's latest book of poetry, Sirens, is available
from Quiet Lion Press. Other books include Mecca, Malibu Stories,
and Duende, all published by Black Tie Press, and a book
of short stories, Slow Dance on the Fault Line, coming from Harper
Collins, London in 1997. His new CD, Odalisque (Kittridge Street
Records, 1996) is spoken word/contemporary jazz at its finest.


Dan Sicoli lives in Niagara Falls, NY, and is Co-Editor of Slipstream.


Marc Swan is a rehabilitation counselor on Cape Cod; poems
out in various litmags in US and abroad, including Coal City
Review, Exquisite Corpse, Half Tones to Jubilee, Slant, Staple

[UK], sub-Terrain [ Can], Takahe [NZ], VietNam Generation,
Vol. No. Magazine, Westerly
[Aus], Windsor Review [Can]...
His first chapbook, Why'd He Have to Go and Do That was
published in 1994 by Harlequin Ink, PO Box 531, Falmouth,
MA 02541. In the Boneyard, a 24-poem chapbook manuscript,
is looking for a good home.


Chocolate Waters is the recipient of a 1995 New York Foundation
for the Arts fellowship in poetry. Her work has been prolifically
published and currently appears in the Coffeehouse Poetry Anthology,
and the My Lover Is A Woman anthology, published by Ballantine
this year. Work is upcoming in Alpha Beat Soup, Westerly and a new
collection about Elvis called I'm A Believer. Her three books: To the
man reporter from the Denver Post, Take Me Like A Photograph
Charting New Waters have sold 10,000 copies. She makes her home
in Manhattan but performs throughout the country and is a frequent
participant in the New York poetry circuit. And yes, Chocolate Waters
is her REAL name.


JJWebb is Editor of The Hawk, Co-Editor of Zero City, and
the prize behind Door #1 at Come summertime,
he'll host readings in The Poetry Grove, a stand of giant
redwoods outside his home in the Santa Cruz Mountains.
Books by JJWebb include in the Electric Shadows and
Appalachian Canticles.

© 1996

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