Richard Bear attended Georgia State University, and took
his BA and MA degrees from theUniversity of Oregon. He
lives in Pleasant Hill, Oregon, with his family of five, plus
assorted ducks, geese, rabbits, cats, and tomatoes. He
plays the dulcimer and the pennywhistle.


Janet Bernichon is widely published as a poet and artist,
and is a frequent contributor to Zero City publications.
Her art in this issue of Zero City illustrates the poetry of Ray
Heinrich. She works as a Registered Nurse in Long Island, NY.
Her poetry site on Cruzio, Portraits, includes selections
from her latest book, Venus Is Broken.


Laurel Ann Bogen is a Los Angeles native, currently
working as Literary Curator for the Los Angeles County
Museum of Art, and as an instructor of poetry and
performance in the Writers' Program at UCLA Extension.
Her publications include 9 books of poetry and short


Alan Catlin is a working bartender in Albany, N.Y.
His poetry and short stories have appeared in over
two hundred small press and university publications.
His most recent chapbooks are Black and White
in Color from Mississenewa Press, and Shelley
and the Romantics from Adastra Press. Forthcoming
sequel to his work Self Annihilation with Shopping
Bag Ladies (UBP) is The Terminal beach at
Sunset, also from UBP.




Ray Heinrich is an ex-Texas technofreak and hippie-socialist
wannabe who writes poems for thrills and attention. Over the
years his work has appeared in many small, insignificant
publications. In real life he repairs computers, has always
been married, loves dogs, and owns a blue fish.
His website: Word Biscuit.


Jenniffer Lesh , an antique dealer and consummate loafer,
currently resides in Bakersfield, CA. Her work appears here
and there on the net, most recently in The Alsop Review,
Eclectica, and Poetry Cafe. She once considered
marrying a man because his brother was an asparagus
farmer, but then it was spring again, and the prices for
asparagus dropped. Her website: Jumblelaya Stew.


Jennifer Ley’s work has appeared in: Perceptions,
Salonika, Medicinal Purposes, and in the upcoming
issues of Excursus and Minotaur. She reads
her work regularly in the New York City area -- edits the
hypertext web site, The Astrophysicist’s
Tango Partner Speaks.


R.J. Maughan lives and writes in Clacton-On-Sea,
on the South Essex coast of England.


Mark McKain was born in Kentucky and spent his early youth
in the paradises of Puerto Rico and Louisiana. His adolescence
was spent in the inferno of West Texas which he learned to love
after he left. After graduating from the University of Texas, he
directed documentaries for Public Television. He now lives in
Los Angeles and writes for children's television and magazines.
His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming from Poetry Motel,
Pearl, and Chiron Review.


Michael McNeilley is editor of Zero City, fiction editor
of The Hawk, and contributing editor with The Far Cry.
McNeilley's new book, Situational Reality, will be published
by Dream Horse Press, San Jose, California, in Spring 1997.
His writing has appeared in hundreds of magazines and
newspapers worldwide.


Hayley R. Mitchell holds a M.F.A. in poetry from the
University of Washington, where she was awarded the
1995 Academy of American Poets Prize. She teaches
creative writing and composition as budgets permit at
CSU Long Beach, UC San Diego Extension, and Orange
Coast College, and she continues to edit and publish
the small press magazine, Sheila-Na-Gig. Her work
has appeared in Columbia Magazine, The Charlotte
Review, Poetry Northwest, Pudding Magazine, the
Southern Poetry Review, and elsewhere. The poem
"By Numbers," in this issue of ZC was nominated
for a Pushcard Prize by Pearl.


Clinton Neuhaus is a husband, father, painter, and writer who
happened to find himself in the right place, at the right time,
knowing the right person. Two of his drawings illustrate the
poetry of Jenniffer Lesh in this issue of Zero City. In time, he
hopes to be a published novelist and English professor as
well as a world-renowned surrealist painter -- this will be just
before world domination...


Renay is a corporate vice president, book designer,
graphic artist and writer of kickass poetry who lives in
Oregon and travels throughout the west drinking coffee
by the pot and beating cowboys at darts. Her chapbook,
They Drivem Pickup Trucks They Shootem Shotguns,
is available from A Small Garlic Press, of
Kennewick, Washington.


Susan Terris lives in San Francisco. Her recent works
include Author! Author! and Nell's Quilt (Farrar, Straus
& Giroux), Killing in the Comfort Zone (Pudding House
Press), and many journal publications including The
Antioch Review, Midwest Quarterly, Painted Bride
Quarterly, Southern California Anthology, and The
Southern Poetry Review. She won First Prize in the
1996 competition sponsored by the San Jose Center
For Poetry & Literature (Judge: Carolyn Kizer) and Second
Prize in the 1996 National Writers Union Poetry
Competition (Judge: Mary Oliver).
© 1997
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