hitting the sauce

for fun is fine but when you start sucking the juice to forget then son you got a problem it just makes the whiskers grow darker on the monster's face makes night roll blacker than it really is makes the cock draw deeper back into the belly twists yr finest dream into a crippled little bird that peck brown balls & scratches shit on the edge of yr mind
i could puke up my guts this moment one beer left sunday two shots of port & then tomorrow dt's nothing to live for but the knowledge that if i do live alcohol will always be there somewhere like a sweet pain river floating me on to salvation even if i'm dead in your mind

psychotic episode

insane & crazy after 4 quarts of t-bird and 18 dime beers at the hickam beer garden i went on a rant smashed way across parking lot with fire extinguisher liberated from a barracks burglarized smashed cars terrorized everybody in the hawaiian night into the main terminal so much fun bashing things & shooting bird colonels with the icy spray from ray gun until the loads of APs came cornered in a broom closet held out like cluster until ammo expended & then crash aswarm under a sea of blue uniforms beaten & stomped to a pulp taken to the provost marshal big dude sitting behind his podium & i figured to make a new doorway ran into the wall & buried head to the shoulders in drywall beaten stomped & bound to a litter taken to the dispensary faked unconsciousness to get some slack in the restraints & then tried to choke the asiatic doctor who bent to see if alive or dead more beating & loaded in the meatwagon taken to little tripler neuropsychiatric sadistic escort twisting leg on the way but i smile & say you puny weak motherfucker can't you even break it at the nuthouse tossed into a room told to change into PJs & cloth shoes & did so then noticed glass door leading to outside found it was not locked freedom on the parking lot but no keys in the cars to escape in reality headed across road clad in my nuthouse duds up the hill to military housing unit on hill light on porch in back ease up hear footsteps & slip back into shadows attractive young woman in slip comes onto porch begins putting children's toys in a box slip back up to screen make worst battle face scream smashing screen frame & she flees screaming JEFF JEFF JEFF at the top of her lungs run and dive in ditch on slope behind building & soon light around corner flashlight held beneath pistol as jeff scans yard for intruder maniac light arcing in sweep that will reveal position there face down in the weeds bury face and feel more than see the light pass over jeff no doubt fearful looking out corner of eye for surprise attack misses nutcase in weeds then the roar of two big duce and halves offload platoon of armed men who fan out & start up rise with weapons at the ready fear sudden swarm of lead bees from hinky searchers for psycho jump up suddenly clasp hands on head & yell surrender loudly in the lilac hawaii night sunk again down under gun butts and boots although offer no resistance beaten to pulp finally merciful darkness like a black curtain falls awoke three days later in white room strapped to baby bed affair drips running in arm think death is this heaven or hell black orderly in starchy white uniform arrive ask where am i he says man don't you remember w hat you did you're in a world of shit shrink later said impossible to survive with blood alcohol level but somehow did by miracle as it turned out world of shit wasn't so bad was laid to a psychotic episode brought on by too much juice eventually sent back to duty station to help keep america free & safe from all enemies including lunatics & crazy people

© 1997 Jim Chandler