Dance Teachers / Choreographers:

I have personally studied with all of the dancers listed below. This list does not include all dancers I have ever studied with, but it includes those with whom I currently study or have studied with regularly, and/or those who have influenced me the most.

Egyptian Dance / Belly Dance

Nourhan Sharif (New York)
Yousry Sharif (New York/Egypt)
Mohamed El Hosseny (Finland)
Hala (San Jose, CA)
Suzy Brisbin (Canada)
Sahar (Santa Cruz, CA)


Carolina Lugo (Concord, CA)
Carole Acuna (SF)


Rebecca Blair (Santa Cruz, CA)

Hungarian Folk Dance:

Todd & Sarah (Menlo Park)

Other recommended California-based belly dancers:

Amina Goodyear (San Francisco)
Enheduanna (Orange County, CA)
Ma*Shuqa (Los Gatos, CA)
Janelle Dance (Santa Cruz)
Rebekah (Santa Cruz)
Adriana (SF Bay Area)


Sharifwear (now available at Pleasure Point FDC in Santa Cruz!)
L. Rose Designs

Photographers (P) & Videographers (V):

Sharif & Nakisa (P)
Phil Pasquini (P)
Carl F. Sermon (P+V)
Tomo Yamauoka (V)

Dance Studios:

Zohar Dance, Palo Alto
Pleasure Point Fitness & Dance Center, Santa Cruz
Palomar Ballroom (Santa Cruz)
DanceSynergy (Aptos)
Halanda Studio (San Jose)
Saffron Dance (Washington, DC)
Egyptian Academy (NY, NY)

Musicians/Composers/Music Teachers

Antoine Lammam (CA)
Elias Lammam (CA)
Georges Lammam (CA)
Karim Nagi (Boston)
László Orbán (Seattle)
Naser Musa (CA)

Performance Venues (Santa Cruz or Bay Area)

We are always looking for good performance venues that are affordable (free is even better - i.e., restaurants with a stage) and respectful of professional, high-caliber performing artists. Unfortunately most of the good ones are not around any more. If you know of any please let us know! Thank you!

Other links:

We work with many wonderful people and probably have forgotten to link to some of you by accident. Our apologies! If we have worked with you before or currently, and you would like your site to be added to this page, please email us. If we haven't worked together before and you would like to link to this page, please send us a sample (CD, DVD, photo, or other item) or invite us to your next show/class/whatever and if we're impressed, we'll add your link!

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