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Asteroid Gaspra



Asteroid Misses Earth)

Asteroid COLLISION 10-253 NASA Release

 Comet & CME LASCO C2
10-01-2011 (Comet Hitting Sun)

Chelyabinsk RUSSIA METEOR @ 9:26am 02-15-2013 VIDEOS

NEO INear Earth Object Program

Asteroid 2012 DA14 jpl NEO Program ( NEO user enter this date in date box 02-15-2013 20:00 hours, zoom in on Earth or center on Earth orbit.)

Moldavite & Libyan Tektites ,. . . . .=>Massive Crater Discovered

Meteorite Buy or Sell: Expert Break Down of Alien Rock

B.comet.gif Comet Borrelly up close, as imaged by the Deep Space 1 spacecraft

ALH84001 Image#158k*ALH84001 Image#2 63k

Mars Meteorite ALH84001

Antarctic Meteorite Newsletter Voll.1#1-34

Mars Today *(Daily Weather Updater)
Pathfinder gifs (Sunrise & Sunset)

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( Mars Exploration Rover Mission * Interesting MGS Images* (New Additional 27,500 MGS Images)*( Mar's Liquid H20)* Mars Global Surveyor* MGS Latest Images* MGS * mirror link list )

*** *Mars Polar Lander *** *Mars Pathfinder *** Mars Surveyor *** Mars Climate Orbiter

*WHAT IS A METEORITE*by Planetary Studies Foundation

PSF site

Asteroid and meteorite photos available at this imformative site. .. Meteors,Meteorites and Impacts...

List of terrestrial impact crater locations. *IMPACT*

** Meteorite and Miscellaneous Sample Photo Page.


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    <041699 HST Lunar Image 624K

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    NEAR Earth Asteroid Rendezvous**** Asteroid Radar Research

    (Asteroid 433 Eros) NEAR Mission Eros

     NEAR Eors Close (Movies) . . . N.E.A.R. Eros Close Animations (Moves)*

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    , Comets & Meteor Shower Information

    CLEMENTINE ( D.S.P.S.E.) **Clementine Lunar Image Browser 1.5 Browser

    *PM&MES* Planetary & Materials Exploration Server

    Swiss Meteorite Lab


    (Down)Terrestrial Volcanic & Seismic Watch

    Los Alamos Nat'l Lab (NADIR)

    20th Space Surveillance Squadron*20th tracks more than 16,000 near-Earth and deep-space objects.

    HAARP...High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

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    The Raspberry

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    For Those Stephen Hawking's Fans Back In The Day

    Ca. S. M & M Museum Old 1998 Ca. State M &M Museum Ass. Supporter Letter


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