1998 Line-Up:


Jim Page
Chris Rosser
Buddy Mondlock and Carol Elliott
Mary Melena

Special Benefit Show! TBA

The Camp California Concert Series will close its 1998 season with a very special series of showcase performances. The lineup for the shows will include Tom Payne, Jamie Byrd, and Niki Leeman, coproducers of the Camp California series, as well as other very special guests.

"This is a chance to see the same vision and focus that helped create this wonderful music venue, manifested in the individual work of these brilliant singer/songwriters. These artists are inspired and inspiring, incredibly gifted, and very dear human beings."--Steve Fisher, 1993 Camp California performer

Jim Page

Jim Page is one of the finest political and social issues songwriters on the scene today. With a career spanning over 25 years and 11 albums, his songs are a historical road map of the struggles and triumphs of everyday people. Jim's songwriting has an incredible amount of integrity--he says it like he sees it and isn't afraid to make people angry (or make them laugh at themselves) in order to make the world a better place.

"He is acerbic, aware, devastating, powerful and incredibly funny, all at the expense of the crazy times we live in."--Cork City Evening Echo (Ireland)

"His totally individual, direct, stripped-down style and masterful delivery put him in a league with Ramblin' Jack Elliott and Phil Ochs."--Dirty Linen Magazine

Jim Page's Home Page

Chris Rosser

Chris Rosser is an exciting young songwriter from Asheville, North Carolina. He combines heartfelt lyrics with clear, warm vocals and intricate acoustic guitar work, often using very alternative tunings. His music spans the emotional spectrum with songs of life, love, death and humor, best described by Dirty Linen as "lovely homages to the experience of being alive and human."

"Chris Rosser's songs are good medicine. Kind and heartfelt and beautifully written."--David Wilcox

"Rosser is a real and important artist. You feel his best songs,k as if you were walking through them yourself--touring the rich and varied worlds they create out of mere language and music, living in them as if they were your own."--The Asheville Mountain Xpress

Chris Rosser's Home Page

Buddy Mondlock and Carol Elliott

Buddy Mondlock grips you with his turn of a phrase and makes you laugh when you had no intention. He has written with or been covered by Janis Ian, Nanci Griffith, Garth Brooks, Joan Baez and David Wilcox.

"While his lyrics tell you one story, a subtext as strong as a magnetic field is simultaneously exerting its own forces. The spaces in Mondlock's songs work on the listener with tiny invisible hands, reaching into secret places of the heart and soul, unlocking hidden feelings."--Bill DeMain, Performing Songwriter Magazine

Buddy Mondlock's Home Page

Carol Elliott has a pure, clear voice and a great ability to write songs that really tug at the heart. A self described "debutante gone bad", she has a joyful, uninhibited approach to her songwriting and performances. "If mystery, light, sensuality and darkness can all flow out together in a beautiful balance, Carol is the place and her music is the beautiful balance."--Jason Price

Carol Elliott's Home Page

Mary Melena

Mary Melena from Austin, Texas has just released a fantastic debut CD, Something Passing Through. Though this is her first CD, she is a classically trained guitarist who has been playing for over 20 years. She writes intimate, sensitive, sometimes humorous songs covering a wide variety of topics.

"Most noticeable is her guitar playing, which at times is nothing short of stunning, Melena uses classical technique to tell her folk stories, which are full of mature observations an dpoignant anecdotes."--Christopher Hess, The Austin Chronicle

Mary Melena's Home Page

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