Animania IV

Thanks to HubCity, I am able to provide some of the pages he used to maintain of the reports from the epic fanfest known as Animania IV, which took place in early August 1995.

Note that some personal reports have been edited down so that they no longer contain irrelevant information such as what was then the upcoming Kids' WB! schedule.

(Not) Complete history of Animania events
including those since Animania IV

The Animania IV Trip Theme
as sung by the group accompanied by the Animaniacs Orchestra
conducted by Richard Stone

Press release from Warner Bros. Animation

An Account from the Inside, by Andy "Chance" Hill
Originally posted to related Usenet newsgroups

In the words of those who were there:

Rex "FuzzyTiger" Wheeler's report

Ron "Keeper" O'Dell's report

Marilyn "pinkinia" Gore's report

Bryan "wbwolf" Chaney's report

Jay "Splutter" Maynard's report

Kevin "Kokopelli" Pezzano's report

Kim "Yakko's Babe" Robarts' report

Some comments from Tom Ruegger
(who, as luck would have it, created Animaniacs
in the first place)

See also...

A transcription of the story that ran on E! News Daily on August 29, 1995, or the actual video (links to YouTube, opening in new window).

The picture (with identification key) of the Animania IV group, taken on the Warner Bros. studio lot. It's only a 60K JPEG download.