1985, Trinity Presbyterian Church & Porter College UCSC, Santa Cruz, CA

  A whole concert of rich and rarely-heard works from the Golden Age of Italian music -- the late Renaissance and the early Baroque -- and ALL of them by Giovannis!
  That's Right! This concert featured the work of eleven Italian composers all born within a 50 year period (1600-56 to be exact), and all with the first name Giovanni. We even threw in a bonus piece by a 12th composer with Giovanni as his second name! Many of the works performed were heard as "20th Century debuts."
  The composers were: Giovanni Gabrieli, Giovanni Priuli, Giovanni Battista Buonamente, Giovanni Battista Fontana, Giovanni Coperario, Giovanni Legrenzi, Giovanni Battista Grillo, Giovanni Valentini, Giovanni Maria Nanino, Giovanni Martino Cesare, Giovanni Domenico Rognoni Taeggio, and even Claudio Giovanni Antonio Monteverdi.

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