Please help us identify these roses

1) This is a rose from Harris Flat in northern Santa Cruz County. The Harris family arrived in the 1860s and probably brought this rose with them. It is growing next to the remains of the foundation of their cabin. I'm pretty sure it's an Ayrshire hybrid as it has very, very long very thin canes, and grows in shade. It smells a bit like myrrh. Actual size of this picture should be 6.5" wide.

Here is a picture of a more mature bud, and two leaves.

Here are a couple of photos:

2) I think this is a hybrid musk or hybrid multiflora, and has that scent, and fringed stipules. The plant is very large and bushy, and will climb a tree if one is nearby. The color is a little off- the newly opened flowers are pale yellow, then fade white. The actual size of this picture should be 8.5" wide.

UPDATE- I've now been able to compare this rose with Aglaia, and can see no differences.

Here is a new photo:

3) This is a rose growing by a very old house in Santa Cruz. I'm pretty sure it's a Bourbon of the 'Boule de Neige' type, but I don't know which one. These are scans of the rose and leaf, and a photo of the sepals after separating from the bud.

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