Perhaps if I were
in a coma I could get
away with it, but otherwise thereís
no getting around it I broke
the cardinal rule of not noticing
my wifeís new hairdo.
My only excuse, and I think
itís a rather good one, is that
Iíve completed only
my third day
in a brand new job. Iím exhausted,
and my mind is skittering
about like a live crab
in a frying pan.
And while she nods
and pats my shoulder and says,
"Oh donít worry about it, Dear.
I know youíve been very busy, I know
you have more important
and immediate concerns
on your mind,"
I can tell that behind those
soft brown pseudo-sympathetic eyes
lurks a maniacal mindless,
slaveringly hideous female beast,
already plotting
her revenge.