Albert Huffstickler

What I hate about prudes
is that they're so violent. They'll
stand off at a distance and pass
their smug little judgments and
feel this little thrill of righteous-
ness course along their spines
and call this virtue. And then
take a child and destroy his
innocence and his sexual identity
in a single blow just like you'd
club a rabbit. You know, you
hold them by their hind legs and
they'll arch their heads back and
that's where you hit them,
a rabbit punch, they call it, right
where spine meets skull. That's
what was done to me only it
wasn't my skull she was aiming
at. That type of suppressed
violence is much too dangerous
for me. Give me your pornographers
and your libertines and your whores.
Give me all your dirty people,
your freaks and your perverts.
At least you feel safe turning
your back on them.