From Chuan Zhi Shakyu

It's the enemy shadow that you see projected clearly here. Every archetype
is a component of the psyche of every human being and it's the enemy shadow archetype we have to integrate first (that's the only way we can avoid
projecting it). We always see the archetypes projected more readily in
others than in ourselves ... anger, for instance, is almost always a
projection of the enemy shadow - at least in those people who haven't
integrated that archetype yet. Don't let yourself get caught up in other
people's samsaric webs. People will drive you crazy if you let them. Can
you see the Buddha in the Nazi? Can you see the devil in the saint? These
are all manifestations of archetypal projections ... in reality, there is
no good and evil, right and wrong - they deal with morality not

Opposites disintegrate when we see though to their real nature - good can not exist without bad, right without wrong. It's an exercise in Karma and Samsara to be bound by them. And when we engage in discussion or debate about the particulars (as below) you are not addressing the real issue, but the manifestation of the real issue: which is that this person was very hurt - virtually destroyed - by something in his life. His bitterness isn't about Naziism but something much deeper inside him. How do you reach out and communicate with the real person ... the person inside the hate? Words generally don't do it. Compassion sometimes can. The Holocaust is an example of collective projection of the enemy shadow archetype.

The Nazis were ordinary people like me and you ... but they were not enlightened, they didn't know what they were doing because they had not consciously recognized that they were projecting one of the most powerful of all archetypes.