While you're asleep
I'd like to superpose my body over yours
Schroedinger-Cat style
Aligning our buzzing possibility waves
Till each cell of me's
In closest quantum association
With each cell of thee

Our hearts aligned, our pulses
Our lungs aligned, our breathings
Our brainwaves, our pelvic twitches
Every capillary's motion
Completely in sync

I'd like to enter you fully, love
In a way no other man has ever imagined.

For a time with you
I'd like to feel naked superposition:
Then extinguish my mind
And fall asleep inside you
Go to sleep me added to you
Co-experience your girlish dreams

Then waking before you do
Take my leave gently
Breaking our superposition
Unravelling our mutual possibilities
Leave only our phases intermingling
Like tangled bed clothing

Alone in my bed
I recall what I've read
About the quantum connection:
No space there, no time
So the physicists say
So for billions of years, dear
We've slept together this way.