It was Rosie's first time
And it hurt

It hurt big
Balled up hard inside her ass
Like a constipated Christmas dinner

It hurt
Rosie screamed
So loud it rattled the neighbor's china
She didn't even wake 'em
They had heard it before
It was her own business
What Rosie did next door

Rosie was a red head
And no dumb chick
She'd heard about anal
Considered it sick
But all of her sisters
Were into it big
Was she just uptight?
An old-fashioned prig?

Rosie screamed again
It was more like a shriek
She knew her rear passage
Would ache for a week

Males have it easy
Males just walk away
Males leave the pain to women
It was always this way.

Right on top of Rosie's fear
Came the dread intuition:
Would the police find her dead
In some awkward position?

Then Rosie went crazy
It was stuck up her chute
Her shrieks turned to cackles
Her brain followed suit

For a moment poor Rosie literally lost her mind
Then suddenly it was over.

O what a relief!
At last it was done
It wasn't so bad
In fact it was fun

Ya know, Rosie sighed
I really kinda liked it

I'm proud to be female
And I'd do it again
What a beautiful egg
Cackled Rosie the hen.