2008 Artists

1. Steve Snyder

photography on canvas
18503 Candace Lane, Aromas 95004

High resolution digital photography of local landscapes printed on large canvases.

2. Gail Mutoza

fine silver jewelry
603 Carpenteria, Aromas 95004

The creative process of transforming precious metal into unique handcrafted pieces is my passion. I create with my hands, mind and heart using metals, fire and tools.
I handsculpt and artistically craft each piece.  Some fired in a kiln or torch fired, some tumbled or hammered, the precious metals and design dictating what is done.  All are burnished and hand polished.
I have studied under many artists and metalsmiths, learning craftsmanship and skills that have guided my own unique and different style.

3. Tanya Anistratenko

beaded glass jewelry
719 Snyder Ave, Aromas 95004

Everyday beaded jewelry using American-made lampwork beads, crystals, pearl, and furnace glass.

4. Andrea Mcdonald

functional & sculptural stoneware & porcelain
719 Snyder Ave., Aromas 95004

In my Aromas studio, I create stoneware and porcelain vessels from high fire clays.  Using various techniques, I fashion thrown, slab, and extruded forms into functional pottery.  Following the idea that form follows function, I strive for well-shaped, usable pieces.
To augment the forms, texture is applied using seasonal plant material.  I also create press molds and hand carved stamps and roulettes.  Texture is applied, either pressing the materials into the clay, or adding pre-molded relief motifs (sprigging) to a vessel. I use transparent and semi-transparent glazes, that pool in carved and recessed areas of the pieces.
My biologist side gives my work character. My computer scientist side focuses on technical and analytical aspects.  The tango dancer side gives me freedom to experiment, and work in the moment.


5. Linda Bjornson

stained glass
189 Carr Ave., Aromas 95004
(831) 726 1786

Glass is an amazing medium to create with. I enjoy finding the glass that will create the color, texture and transparency that will enhance the design I’m working on. The addition of fused glass elements has added new possibilities and interest to my designs.

6. Katherine Stutz Taylor

etchings & relief prints
189 Carr Ave., Aromas  95004
(831) 724 0377

 I create relief prints and etchings according to a variety of processes that I have been refining since I started printmaking at the age of 12. My most recent modifications of process have been to incorporate environmentally friendly, non-toxic etching processes which I have used exclusively since 1998.

The edition of each print involves the selection of paper and color(s) for the image, inking and hand pulling the image. In addition, with each image I consider whether the print will be enhanced using chinecolle (Chinese paper collaged on during printing) or hand coloring. After printing each print is signed and numbered.

7. Barbara Scoles

wood carvings
422 Rose Ave., Aromas 95004
(831) 726-2457

8. Diedra Kmetovic

beads and beaded jewelry
331 Carpenteria Rd. Aromas 95004

“I decorate the public walls of your heart”. Through beads and beaded jewelry I make little treasures to help you bring out your own personal artistic leanings. Since what a person wears everyday is the most personal expression, I believe that jewelry is the most versatile art form. Express Yourself!

9.   Jane Rekedal

functional & sculptural stoneware & porcelain
1560 Cannon Rd. Aromas 95004
(831) 566 4576

I love working in clay and currently use both porcelain and stoneware for variety of texture and color. I am interested in functionality so my work is high fired for durability, practicality, and beauty.  Sculptural quality is also very important to me and I make individual pieces that create a bold visual impact. My inspiration comes from the timeless sources of observations of nature, my heritage, and the pottery of many ancient cultures.

I have been a professional potter since 1975, when I received my art degree and joined the Family Gooey Pottery in Aromas. I’ve taught ceramics at Gavilan College since 1979, show and sell at the Garlic Festival, and host open studios three times a year.

10.  Gayle Sleznick

watercolor & waterbased paint - landscapes
808 Washington St., San Juan Bautista, 95045

Without a question, watercolor and water based paints are Sleznick’s medium. She invites you to visit Studio 808, her working studio and gallery of original paintings and cards.  Primarily a realistic, outdoor, landscape painter, she also explores and presents abstract images. Painting has been her career for over 30 years.

Gayle Sleznick restored San Juan Bautista’s Christmas decorations, 44 wooden panels with images of the Saints, in 2001.  Her paintings are in the permanent collection of Wheeler Hospital in Gilroy, CA; Hazel Hawkins Hospital in Hollister, CA; the White House Historical Association, Washington, DC; and her ornament hung on the White House Christmas tree commemorating the National Parks and Monuments in 2007.


11.  Jennifer Colby

acrylic landscapes & collages

407 2nd St. San Juan Bautista  95045
(831) 623 2783

I create acrylic paintings inspired by local landscape and trips to mexico and innovative collages and prints. Come see monotype demonstration on an KB Etching Press, and sign up for future classes for adults and children at Studio San Juan. Year round contact at Galeria Tonantzin.

12.  Pat Zuniga

watercolor & oil landscapes
Progresso’s, 230 3rd St. Hollister 95023

Pat is a member of the Hollister Art League. Her favorite scenes to paint in oils or watercolor are of the local countryside, old barns, and lettuce fields.  She also has painted scenes from the Southwest and Mexico.

13.  Rachel Zuniga-Garcia

color pencil & pastel drawings
Progresso’s, 230 3rd St. Hollister 95023

I have recently tapped into my artistic talents that have laid dormant for many years.  I enjoy drawing with colored pencil, chalk pastels, and black ink.  I focus on the use of line, form, and bright colors to show the details in my drawings.  Some of my drawings are from nature, others are from thoughts and ideas that come from my personal life.

14. Christopher Black

335 Sixth Street, Hollister 95023

Landscape photography, black and white, and color

15.  Allison Garcia

portraits & figures in mixed media
335 Sixth Street, Hollister 95023

A variety of mixed media, portraits and figure drawings with an emphasis on illustrative watercolor.


16.  Janeice Van Loon  CA  

pit-fired ceramics
54 Hawkins Street, Hollister, CA 95023

The pit fired work I do is handbuilt, primarily pinched or coiled, burnished and finally painted with fire, in hopes of bringing forth a colorful, dramatic, and very tactile vessel.  I am always surprised athe finish, and occasionally quite pleasantly.

While primitive in nature, pit firing is universal and can produce both unique and beautiful ceramics.

17.  John Robrock

drawing in all media
Northwest Corner, Prune & Nash,
Hollister 95023

Drawing in all media:  pen and ink, charcoal, conte crayon and colored pencil.  Specializing in portraits and the figure in the Renaissance tradition.

18.  Louise Roy

watercolor, oils & acrylic paintings
2391 Calistoga, Hollister 95023

Many of the paintings reflect my travels; others, nature; and local Hollister scenes.  “Plein l’air” paintings have been my focus for more than ten years, beginning with watercolors of New Mexico.  As of late, I have enjoyed working with oils and acrylic medium.  I am also experimenting with incorporating collage on canvas.  I have begun a series including depictions of shoes, hats, and flowers.  Lastly, as a local ceramics teacher, I will have sculptural/ceramic pieces on display.

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