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Last modified January 17, 2013
Cap and Elaine hangin' out at Desert Botanical Gardens in Scottsdale Arizona on our Christmas road trip to Santa Fe and back in December 2003

Here are Cap KE6AFE and Elaine KE6FRA in Scottsdale, Arizona in December 2003

Cap and Elaine Pennell
Santa Cruz, CA 95062-1002
Cruise missile coordinates:  3658.93N/12200.91W
Amateur Radio:  KE6AFE @     ke6afe @

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            Elaine and I are happily married, enjoying life in Santa Cruz with dog Roger and cat Amy.

SCCARC -- Santa Cruz County Amateur Radio Club   I'm SCCARC repeater committee chair again in 2013!    ARRL Club Charter from 1930!
I volunteer as the local Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) District Emergency Coordinator (DEC), and as the ACS (RACES) Radio Officer of the Santa Cruz County Operational Area.
APRS   -- amateur radio -- Automatic Position Reporting System
[ca_aprs] email mailing list info   Want info about the California APRS users mailing list?
Cap's APRS Web Server   See Cap's APRS station symbol (KE6AFE) on the map in Santa Cruz?
   APRS WX Net  
Where's Cap's pickup truck now? KE6AFE-14 was last seen at the center of this map.

Map showing Current Weather Conditions  What's the weather right now?
Weather at Cap & Elaine's Davis Instruments Weather Monitor II station via APRS amateur radio.    Cap's Weather data    More    More
Current Views of Santa Cruz, California   Ahhh.....  The ocean! The scenery!    More local webcam views.
Weather   Everything you ever wanted to know about the weather, including satellite and radar views!
Latest Significant Earthquake,   the FASTEST way to find the epicenter and magnitude (if the electricity is still on!)
The Electronic Guide to Santa Cruz County   CRUZIO's home page (my ISP)
Post Office ZIP Code Lookup and Address Information   How does the Post Office think your address should be written?


I RETIRED (and started growing a beard) August 4, 2002! after 34 fire seasons, 32 years with CDF (now named CAL FIRE).
Work was fun, but now you can have it.
Cap's retirement note from August 2002

CAL FIRE Conservation Camps   I worked as a CDF Fire Captain for 22 years, running a Ben Lomond Fire Crew for more than 17 years.
Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) still mentions their old Youth Conservation Camps too.   Ben Lomond Camp began in 1947!
Ben Lomond Camp Weather Conditions   At 2630' AMSL in the Santa Cruz Mountains is Ben Lomond Camp's WX station!
CDF Firefighters Union, IAFF Local 2881   my labor union, I'm a Retired Member now.
State of California home page   my former employer (CDF)
CDF Headquarters home page   Not an especially cool or up to date (real-time) site, unfortunately. Slowly getting better.
Fire Weather
Fire Situation Report, National Incident Management Situation Reports (IMSR):
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