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The Life of "Lethal Lady": A Douglas A-26 Bomber in WW II and Korea

From the text:

Hello, let me introduce myself. I am an airplane, an attack bomber: twin-engine, mid-wing monoplane. They call me an A-26B Invader -- built by Douglas Aircraft Company in their Long Beach, California factory. I was born in February 1945 and have seventy two identical sisters. I will tell you more about myself, but right now I'm on my way to meet my sisters in Savannah, Georgia.

[The Life of Lethal Lady (front cover)]
29 July, 1945

Today's target is the naval base at Nagasaki, Kyushu, including vessels in the harbor. Thirty-six 26s went out and they all returned. Apparently there were a lot of problems, equipment, weather, and personnel errors. My crew were part of a four ship element that were the only ones to hit the primary target. Each of the aircraft carried six 500 lb. bombs. Two bombs hit a 10,000 ton tanker and the rest hit the adjacent decking and warehouses. The tanker was burning as we left the target area. We also dumped leaflets that call for the surrender of the Japanese in accordance with the Potsdam Declaration.


The Life of 'Lethal Lady' is the TRUE STORY of a Douglas A-26 bomber in WWII and Korea--told from the airplane's point of view.

From the factory in Long Beach, California, we follow the airplane and it's crew across the continent and back, then across the Pacific to Okinawa. We ride along on combat missions out of Okinawa with the 439th Squadron of the 319th Bomb Group, and observe her occupation duty in Japan with the 8th and 90th Squadrons of the 3rd Attack Group. Finally, during the Korean conflict, we fly missions with the 13th Squadron of the 3rd Bomb Group/Wing against North Korean forces.

This 36-page book illustrated with over 20 photographs and maps, is being produced in a limited edition of about 50 copies. Each is neatly bound in a report cover. The price is only $5 each (includes mailing in the USA). Those who have read the story are very pleased with it.

If you would like a copy of The Life of "Lethal Lady" send a check or postal money order (no cash, please) for five bucks to:

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