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55 (2012) Muir, John. 2 ½ by 1 ½ inches. A quote about going to the mountains, for Donna’s 55th birthday. 55 copies. $55.

The images are vintage printers cuts from an old print shop in Butte Montana, combine to tell a story of enjoyment of the outdoor life. The type is ATF "Neuland" and wood type numbers. It is letterpress printed in several colors on Peter's handmade paper. The binding is an invention of Peter's. The covers are made using Peter's handmade paper that was decorated using a technique of spraying pulp through a setncil onto the wet sheet of paper as it is being made. There is a little leather bag to hold the book in. 8 accordion pages (4 on the text sheet and 4 glued down to the cover. 55 copies. $55.




© 2002 Peter and Donna Thomas