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TIME I$. Ben Franklin, Mark Twain and Peter Thomas. (2003) 2 1/2 by 2 inches. 5 pages. 100 copies. $95

This book is about time and money. On one side of the page is what Ben Franklin has to say, what Mark Twain has to say is on the other side. Peter's text is on the cover, endpages and the one dollar bill. The book was letterpress printed, on PeterÁs handmade paper, using old wood and metal types and images of clocks which Donna carved out of linoleum. The cover and end pages both required at least ten press runs to print all the different clocks and the various settings of "time is time". The binding, made with wood and Peter's handmade paper, is another variation in their series of "Stick Structure" books. The printed pages are folded and glued over wooden dowels which have been painted gold. These "pages" can turn: they are set in holes drilled into a wooden framework which has also been painted gold. This differs from previous "flap books" as it has the text mounted inside the back cover. A space has been created behind the text to hold a one dollar bill, which can be removed. The one dollar bills were ordered direct from the US Treasury and are sequentially numbered, thus the number on the bill matches the book's edition number. There are two special copies each with a one hundred dollar bill inside (which picture Ben Franklin) and a unique leather binding by Donna Thomas: One is still available at $475.)


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