Who exactly is Stephen Schwartz anyway? I found this on the Web.

The following is an excerpt from an article that appeared in the San
Francisco Examiner, on May 6, 1987:A Battle Over Right To Write

He wanted to rebut graffiti with graffiti by Dennis J. Opatrny, of the
Examiner staff

When "New Age Rightist" Stephen Schwartz discovered graffiti calling him
"the philosophical whore of North Beach," the former Trotskyite turned red
with rage.He uncapped his felt-tipped pen and was printing a reply to the
scurrilous scribblings when he was busted by Mayor Feinstein's
anti-graffiti police squad on a charge of malicious mischief, defacing the
wall of a Vallejo Street construction site.Schwartz...has demanded a trial
to exonerate his exercise of free speech."I was just going to answer that I
was not the philosophical whore of North Beach," said Schwartz, 37.If he
wants a trial, he can have it, said Assistant District Attorney Joseph
Hoffman, who believes citizens have the right to speak out under the First
Amendment -- but with limits."The remedy is that he can stand on a street
corner and yell all he wants that he's not the philosophical whore of North
Beach," Hoffman said. "But he can't go around defacing other people's
property."Municipal Judge George Chopelas Wednesday set July 21 for trial.
If convicted, Schwartz faces six months in the county jail and a $1,000
fine...Quoting Schwartz's attorney, Carlos Bea, "We don't think this is
what the mayor meant in her anti-graffiti campaign. In fact, it's a sad day
when a person can't rebut in public the allegation that he's a
philosophical whore of North Beach.".

What possible relevance does a ticket for answering graffiti have to any of
the issues we have discussed? This is the totalitarian method at its worst.
Thank God [Allah] that its and its practitioners are such fleas.

I usually don't answer questions with more questions, but what does
totalitarianism have to do with how silly you are? I am not totalitarian,
in fact, I love for people to have the right to defend themselves against
such said graffiti; the difference is that you defaced someone's property
in your attempt at defending your right to freedom of speech. I hope you
really didn't fight this in court.

Totalitarianism consists of turning discussions of ideas into discussions of
individuals or ethnic groups. Your boyfriends Hick and Mick or whatever
started this with us when they turned our discussion of Communism into a war
over our Jewishness. You have learned well. Fuck you.

Fuck me? Uh-uh. Rebecca wouldn't Fuck You and neither would I. I would,
however, fuck Hick Nerdbutt and Max Weiss, you fake asshole.

Right, I'm the fake. I publish serious books and spend half my time on TV.
You are hiding behind a screen name and scribbling bullshit about nothing
from nowhere.

Jack, it's time to cyberliquidate these idiots, i.e. stop responding. Oh
gosh, that's so harsh!

Fuck 'em.

[Suleyman, to Jack Sarfatti]
Jack, what this is all really about is that American society has taken a dive
into the intellectual sewer. How did we get to a place where serious people
like we are allow ourselves to be harassed and insulted by a bunch of
cowardly nothings hiding behind screen names? We are out in the arena, as TR
would have said. We don't hide anything, which is why we get attacked in
this kindergarten manner. But this does not mean we should throw our lives
open for a bunch of really shitty little dogs, covered with fleas and
compulsively licking their own asses, to come in and foul our carpets. I
cannot imagine what theory of democracy would legitimize this. None of these
people has any standing to comment on anything. Hick, Hack, and Ho have no
standing whatever to talk about the history of anything. They don'r know how
to read history, much less write about it. They have never written or
published anything. Hick may know something about physics, that's for you to
decide. But is this person really so valuable, important, and respect that
it is necessary to put up with a stream of drivel from him?

How do we who any of these people are? This hag calls herself herbalist and
sends you a photo claiming it's her. It's probably the picture of a victim
of the Booger Creek gang buried somewhere near Hick's hovel.

I think the concept of freedom of the internet began to go sour when people
accepted the idea of unmoderated discussion groups in which people don't
disclose who they are or what their standing is. This allows a moribund crud
like Hick to turn himself into someone important, who gets to puke his bile
all over a bunch of people who don't want to be befouled. Why are we doing

I suggest restarting the group with a much trimmed list, from which the turds
have been flushed out, including Hick, Ho, and all the rest of these creeps.
You don't need this and neither do I.

Let Hick go write a book and get it published. Yeah, I know all about his
publications before his syphilis or AIDS or whatever it is resulted in
dementia. Fine. I publish, you publish, let him publish.

We aren't public toilets for these intellectual derelicts to pollute.

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