But first the good news. Let me tell you about quantum tantra which is a direction of investigation into physics that I initiated some years ago at a private seminar at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. I would like to thank Esalen cofounder Michael Murphy for his far-sighted support of quantum tantra and other edge-physics projects.

Conventional physics looks at matter only from the outside, measuring and predicting its external behavior. Quantum tantra looks at matter from the inside.

What does it mean to "look at matter from the inside"? That's easy. Each of you sitting here today is looking at the matter of your brain "from the inside". What your doctor sees from the outside as three pounds of meat, you experience from the inside as a rich and passionate life. The goal of quantum tantra is to be able to experience not just your own brain "from the inside", but the insides of other brains, the insides of objects and eventually the insides of atoms and molecules.

The English Romantic poet William Wordsworth claimed: "In all forms of things there is a mind." The Wordsworth hypothesis---let us call it that---asserts that the world is full of invisible subjective experiences similar to our own. In all forms of things there is a mind. Quantum tantra aims to contact those minds in nature, and of especial interest to physicists are those minds resident in forms now considered to be lifeless such as rocks or electrons.

How does quantum tantra work? How does my Nick-mind become aware of, say, the mind inside the glass of water on this distinguished Nobel lectern?

Under normal conditions, each of our minds resides in a separate body, but under the new quantum tantra rules, one mind resides in two different bodies, a shockingly new experience I designate by the fundamental equation 2 = 1. So we're talking here about mind-merge. My mind and the mind of this water become one mind residing in two different locations---I have direct access to the water's insides and the water has access to Nick's insides. Quantum tantra's a two-way street. The one mind that's in two places is neither pure Nick-mind nor pure water-mind but some new quantum combination of both our minds.

And when we retreat back into ourselves --- when 2 = 2 again---we are both irreversibly changed, the water and I. In ordinary physics you can make observations, even quantum observations, without being changed much by the results, but in quantum tantra you are taking a big risk, mind-merging with another being. One thing for sure, quantum tantra makes physics dangerous again. Only the very bravest scientists will muster up the courage to explore this new, more intimate way of doing physics.

In conventional physics one separates oneself from nature by machinery whether it be telescopes, particle detectors or merely our ordinary sense organs, but quantum tantra dissolves the barriers between self and nature, to achieve levels of such "deep nakedness" that the distinction between observer and observed simply vanishes. In quantum tantra we become what we behold.

Primitive quantum tantric investigations have been carried out so far using only focused human empathy but the long-term goal of this infant science is to develop a "Wordsworth Machine" whereby anyone can merge minds with anything else with a little help from quantum physics.

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