Now the bad news. The two most obvious applications of mind-merge are its use by scientists to experience the insides of physical objects and its use by friends and lovers to explore new states of deep human union. But as in all deep discoveries there is potential for abuse here as well. Abuse of 2 = 1 is what I call WeaponX. WeaponX means using mind-merge for quantum combat---uniting your mind not with a rock or a lover but with your most fiendish enemy, perhaps a treacherous Israeli or Palestinian.

Conventional war is by necessity inefficient. You are faced with a deadly enemy who wishes to do you harm. Since almost every enemy has talents or possessions that could benefit your side, what a smart warrior would do is reach inside his enemy's mind and convert him to his own side. But conventional warfare seeks to diminish the power of the enemy by destroying lots of enemy bodies and property and only indirectly changing enemy minds into friendly minds. In fact the destruction of enemies by conventional warfare usually results in making more enemies since many innocents are killed and their friends and relatives understandably seek justice and/or revenge. In its ability for multiplying enemies, conventional warfare remsembles the monstrous Hydra who grew back two heads for every one cut off.

The basis of quantum combat is the realization that true warfare is the battle for minds not bodies. The first maxim of Sun Tzu's classic "Art of War" was "Know thy enemy." Sun Tzu's maxim is the very heart of quantum combat. How could one know the mind of the enemy any better than to become the mind of the enemy? But the decision to intiate quantum combat---to actually choose to wield WeaponX---is a path that will appeal to only the bravest and noblest of beings. The risks are great, but the rewards are immense. Quantum combat is engagement without armor. "Who is the coward? The one with the greater armor," taunts the quantum warrior as he dares his enemy to risk combat at deeper and deeper levels of being. The naked combatants of the original Olympic Games were a pale anticipation of the deep psychic nakedness in which the quantum warrior invites his foe to compete.

Some have chracterized quantum combat as a copycat version of the New Testament teaching "Love thy enemy" but while enemy intimacy might possibly lead to love, quantum combat's goal is less ambitious. "Know thy enemy" means just what it says. Its aim is not love but mere knowledge.

This quantum way of knowing is deep symmetric espionage. In the very very brave new world of 2 = 1, knowing thy enemy results in his getting to know you as well. In fact while both your bodies are engulfed in the wielding of WeaponX, there is only one mind doing the wielding.

Since Weapon X works mind to mind, it can be shielded neither by distance nor by material barriers. Against Weapon X, there is no defense.

And yet, despite this experience of deep psychic union, quantum combat has nothing to do with mysticism. The fact that two separate minds can join as one does not resolve the ultimate question of whether the Universe is One or Many. The mystic notion that ALL separation is an illusion is not vindicated by technical advances which allow SOME separations to be temporarily overcome.

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