Invisible Architecture

The NanoWorld of Buckminster Fuller

by Bonnie Goldstein DeVarco



Table of Contents

A Note to the Reader

I. Buckminster Fuller - Seeking Nature's Architecture

Who is Buckminster Fuller?

The Discovery of Buckminsterfullerene 

Synergetics and the Geometry of the Sphere

II. The Architecture of Life

The Ancient Greeks Polyhedra, the Golden Mean and the Harmony of the Spheres 

Johannes Kepler Sphere Packing and the Music of the Spheres

Durer and da Vinci Perspective and the Geometry of Curves

III. Energetic Architecture - Buckminster Fuller’s Geometry of the Sphere

Fuller’s "Building Blocks"

Closest Packed Spheres and Space-Filling

Polyhedra as Energy Systems

Energizing the Sphere

IV. Instrumental Architecture - Energy, Frequency, Music

Ephemeral Structures -- Doing More with Less

Tensegrity & Resonance -- The Home as an Instrument

V. Molecular Architecture - Carbon, Meet Silicon

 Silicon -- Natural Forms, Ancient Uses

Carbon, the Basis of Life

Silicon and Carbon -- A Comparison

VI. A Model for Nanoscale Architecture - The Archetypal Fullerene

Buckminsterfullerene The "Rosetta Stone of Nanoscale Architecture"

Parallel Paths -- Viruses and Buckyballs  

Models for Nanostructures Tensegrity, Buckyballs and DNA

 VII. Ephemeral Computing - The Architecture of Information

Computer Information Storage and Closest Packing of Atoms

Quantum Computing, Quantum Consciousness and the Ultra Micro Computer

VIII. Growing Global Information Networks - A One Town World

Forecasters of the Global Future

The World Mind -- Cyberspace Writ Large




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copyright 1997 Bonnie Goldstein DeVarco. All rights reserved