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Version 1 (Episode 18)

Chicken Boo, what's the matter with you?
You don't act like the other chickens do.
You wear a disguise to look like human guys
But you're not a man; you're a chicken, Boo.
Transcribed by Mark Hadley
Version 2 (Episode 78)
Chicken Boo, what's the matter with you?
You don't act like the other chickens do.
You're jumbo-sized and you wear a disguise
But you're not a man; you're a chicken, Boo.
(at the end of the cartoon)
He's jumbo-size and he wears a disguise
But he's not a man; he is Chicken Boo.

Lyrics from NOTHING BUT THE TOOTH (Episode 18)
by Deanna Oliver and Paul Rugg

I Really Like Rasputin

Czar: I really like Rasputin
      'Cause I don't realize
      I only like Rasputin
      'Cause I am hypnotized
Call Doctor Yakko
YW+D : If your little toothy's aching and you're low on dough
       Use the friendly credit dentist; call Doctor Yakko!
Yakko: (spoken) Se habla español!
Transcribed by Ron O'Dell

by Gordon Bressack, Charles Howell IV and Paul Rugg

YW+D: Lincoln, Lincoln, we've been thinkin'
      Would you, could you, think of inkin'
      We request on our behalf
      That you give your autograph!
Sung to the Tiny Toon Adventures theme.
Wakko: I'm lanky
Dot  : And frankly
Yakko: This war has got me cranky
YW+D : I'm proud to be a yankee
       How ya doin', Gettysburg?
Transcribed by Ron O'Dell

WAKKO'S AMERICA (Episode 21)
Music traditional (Turkey in the Straw). Lyrics by Randy Rogel.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Indianapolis, Indiana
And Columbus is the capital of Ohio
There's Montgomery, Alabama, south of Helena, Montana
Then there's Denver, Colorado, under Boise, Idaho.
Texas has Austin, then we go north
To Massachusetts' Boston, and Albany, New York
Tallahassee, Florida, and Washington, D.C.
Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Nashville, Tennessee.
Elvis used to hang out there a lot, ya know.
Trenton's in New Jersey, north of Jefferson, Missouri
You've got Richmond in Virginia; South Dakota has Pierre
Harrisburg's in Pennsylvania and Augusta's up in Maine
And here is Providence, Rhode Island, next to Dover, Delaware.
Concord, New Hampshire, just a quick jaunt
To Montpelier, which is up in Vermont
Hartford's in Connecticut, so pretty in the fall
And Kansas has Topeka; Minnesota has St Paul.
Juneau's in Alaska and there's Lincoln in Nebraska
And it's Raleigh out in North Carolina and then
There's Madison, Wisconsin, and Olympia in Washington
Phoenix, Arizona, and Lansing, Michigan.
Here's Honolulu; Hawaii's a joy
Jackson, Mississippi, and Springfield, Illinois
South Carolina with Columbia down the way
And Annapolis in Maryland on Chesapeake Bay.
They have wonderful clam chowder.
Cheyenne is in Wyomin' and perhaps you make your home in
Salt Lake City out in Utah, where the buffalo roam
Atlanta's down in Georgia, and there's Bismarck, North Dakota
And you can live in Frankfort in your old Kentucky home.
Salem in Oregon; from there we join
Little Rock in Arkansas; Iowa's got Des Moines
Sacramento, California; Oklahoma and its city
Charleston, West Virginia, and Nevada, Carson City.
That's all the capitals there are!

Lyrics from DAVY OMELETTE (Episode 21)
by Deanna Oliver

Orphaned in a swamp in Mississippi
Raised by a cajun couple in a tipi
The biggest papoose that you ever did see
He was full grown when he was only three.
Davy Omelette
Mighty large frontiersman!
Transcribed by Ron O'Dell

Music by Jacques Offenbach (Orpheus Overture). Lyrics by Randy Rogel.

Wakko: (spoken) Hey! Let's get some ice cream!
Dot  : How 'bout this one?  Pistachio Almond Fruit Fudge Butterscotch
Yakko: Ingredients:
       Zinc trisodium, aspartate,
       Sorbitol and bisulfate,
       Oxide beta carotene,
       Lactic acid, carob bean.

(music begins)

Yakko: Grade A milk emulsified
       Malto-dextrin alkalide
       Silicon deoxylite
       Lots of sugar,
W+D  : Hey, all right!
Yakko: Calcified synthetic salt
       Artificial barley malt
       Glycerine and aspartate
       Folic acid,
Wakko: That tastes great!
YW+D : Monosodium glutamate
       Dehydrated calceinate
       Soybean oil, butter fat
       Caramel center,
Wakko: I'll eat that!

YW+D : Hooray for sugar, 'cause we love it
       Chocolate chips; we want more of it
       Cakes and ice cream; watch us shove it
       Down our throats real fast.
Yakko: Here's a candy bar, you tried it?
Wakko: Hey, let's all see what's inside it.

Yakko: Gelatinized triglycerin
       Phosphate, soybean, lecithin
       Deoxylite tri-silicon
       Dipped in chocolate,
W+D  : Bring it on!
Yakko: Citrus enzymes, BHT
       Powdered milk,
Dot  : Sounds good to me!
Yakko: Baking soda, carob gum
W+D  : Yummy yum!
YW+D : Monosodium glutamate
       Zinc disodium algenate,
       Whole grain flour, yeast and fat
Wakko: Time to eat it; I'll do that
*YW+D: We like sweets a lot
*      So give us all you got
*      And we'll stuff 'em in our bodies
*      'Til they make our insides rot.

* - On the Animaniacs album, this verse is sung as follows:

YW+D : We like sweets a lot
       But they make your insides rot
       So remember it's your body
       And the only one you've got.

Lyrics from HERCULE YAKKO (Episode 25)
by Peter Hastings

YW+D : We'll investigate
       Red herrings we'll eliminate
       We'll solve this myst'ry for you!
Wakko: Although we haven't got a clue!
Transcribed by Olivia D. Isaac


YW+D: Like Abbott and Costello
      Like Sonny and Cher
      Like Martin and Lewis
      They're a perfect pair.
      Like Laurel and Hardy
      Like Fontanne and Lunt
      They're perfectly mismatched
      They're Rita and Runt!
Transcribed by "The Corinthian"

Lyrics from HOME ON DE-NILE (Episode 25)
by Stephen Hibbert

All Wrapped Up in Love

Rita: Being a goddess ain't half bad.

Rita: Oh, you kid
      You've got it made 'neath the great pyramid
      Gotta say I like this lifestyle
      Talkin' 'bout my home on the muddy Nile.

      Call me greedy
      But give me more; treat me like Queen Nefertiti
      Build me a palace fit for Ramses, too
      I bet you'd rather be me than you.

      Oh, I can't fuss
      No longer on a lonely exodus
      Gotta tell ya that I'm satisfied
      All wrapped up in love like I was mummified.
      All wrapped up in love...
      Bra doot da doot da doot doo dah...
      Like I was mummified!
Transcribed by "The Corinthian"

Lyrics from SIR YAKSALOT (Episode 26)
by Paul Rugg

Chorus: A happy place is Camelot
        We like to sing all day
        But we can't sing the movie score
        Or else they'll make us pay.


Yakko: (spoken) Looks like it's just us against the dragon,
       Head to head, toe to toe...
       Grab your partner, do-si-do!
       (sung) Bow to your partners left and right
       Now grab his arms and fling him out of sight!
       Now promenade!
Transcribed by Ron O'Dell

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