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Lyrics from ANIMANIACS STEW (Episode 35)

Animaniacs Stew

Yakko: A dash of Pinky and the Brain
       A cup of Slappy Squirrel
       A tablespoon of Goodfeathers
       Add Rita, Runt, and swirl.
       We add a pinch of hippos
       Buttons and Mindy too
       Now top it off with Skippy Squirrel
       What's that make?
YW+D : Animaniacs stew!
Mindy and The Brain
YW+D: They're Mindy and The Brain
      Mindy and The Brain
      One's a small child
      And the other's ... The Brain.
      He uses his lobe
      To overthrow the globe
      She's whimsy
      They're Mindy and The Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain.
(end verse)

YW+D: He's stinky
      They're Mindy and the Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain.
Pinky and the Cat
YW+D : They're Pinky and the Cat
       Yes, Pinky and the Cat
       Her name is Rita
       He's a lab rat.
Pinky: A mouse!
YW+D : They live inside a cage
       Making less than minimum wage
       It's dinky
       They're Pinky and the Cat, Cat, Cat, Cat, Cat.
(end verse)

YW+D : She ate the rat
       'Cause Rita is a cat, cat, cat, cat, cat.
We've Been Mixing Up the Scripts (Sung to I've Been Working on the Railroad)
Dot  : We've been mixing up the scripts
Wakko: All the live-long show
Yakko: Putting characters together
       Who normally wouldn't go.
We Found This Old Computer
YW+D: We found this old computer
      And then we fixed it up
      We threw in all the characters
      Now they're all mixed up.

Dotty the Squirrel
YW+S: She's the crankiest of creatures in the whole wide world
      This short cartoon features Dotty the Squirrel.
Dot : (spoken) The name's Dot.  Call me Dotty and you die.
YW+S: (sung) That's Dotty!
Dot : (spoken) I warned you. [pulls bomb out of purse and throws it]
Lyrics from Baghdad Cafe
by John P. McCann
Y+W   : We're the Warner Brothers
        We like to sing a lot
Yakko : My name's Yakko
Wakko : My name's Wakko
Y+W   : And here's our sister...
Slappy: (spoken) Slappy. I'm the cute one. (pause) I don't get it.
(end couplet)
Y+W   : Our story is over
        Its ending is happy
        Thanks to Yakko, Wakko
        And our sister... Slappy.
Slappy: (spoken) Next time, I'm asking for script approval.
Transcribed by Paul J. Lee


She's Katie Ka-Boom, Katie Ka-Boom
She lives in a house with a garden in bloom
Her family knows that anytime soon
Their little lady Katie goes ka-boom.
Transcribed by Paul J. Lee

Lyrics from THE THREE MUSKA-WARNERS (Episode 36)
Music by Julie Bernstein.
Lyrics by Sherri Stoner.

We're the Musketeers

YW+D : We're the musketeers
       And we're very proud to say
       That through the years
       In the face of danger
       We have run away
       But hey! That's OK
       What should you expect with this take-home pay?
YW+D : We're the musketeers
       We drive a Chevrolet
       Swing on chandeliers
       And have thrilling swordfights
       Many times a day
       It may sound cliche
       But it was either this or sell Amway!
YW+D : Now unclog those filthy dirty ears
       It's time to meet the musketeers!
Dot  : Musketeer roll call!
Yakko: Yakkos!
Wakko: Wakkos!
Dot  : Dotagnon!
YW+D : Now we'll carve our initials in your rears
       'Cause we are the three musketeers!
King's Lullaby
YW+D : Hush little King; please don't cry
       We're going to sing you a lullaby
       A big scary monster man is coming for you
       He'll gobble you up like chunky beef stew.
Later, they're guarding the king's room.
Yakko: Hup two three four
       No one's getting in this door
       Five six seven eight
       Gonna ask Cindy Crawford for a date.
Transcribed by O.G. Shofner

Lyrics from BOOT CAMPING (Episode 37)
Music by Julie Bernstein.
Lyrics by Nicholas Hollander and John P. McCann.

Drill Chant

SgtSw: Recruits smell, and that's no lie
       Hate your guts; gonna make you cry.
       Call me smart; call me inspired
       You're gonna march 'til I get tired.

SgtSw: I don't know, but I been told
       Army life is mighty bold.
       Every night before retreat
Yakko: We order out for luncheon meat.
Transcribed by Ron O'Dell
Do Your Ears Hang Low?
YWD+S: Do your ears hang low?
       Do they wobble to and fro?
       Can you tie them in a knot?
       Can you tie them in a bow?
       Can you throw them ov'r your shoulder
       Like a continental soldier?
       Do your ears...hang...low?
Transcribed by "The Corinthian"

Lyrics from SPELL-BOUND (Episode 38 / P2a)
by John P. McCann

Sung to the first two lines of Greensleeves.

Pinky: I wish I were a windowsill
       So I could be a ...uh... um...
Brain: An imbecile?
Pinky: Odds bodkins!  Good rhyme, Brain.  Heh.  Narf.

Pinky: He conquered the world without effort or pain
       He's the boss; they call him ...er... call him...
Brain: Brain?
Pinky: Oh.  Righto, Brain.  Good one.

Pinky: We're in the woods, all dark and inky
       To conquer the world go Brain and ...la la something...
Brain: Pinky.
Pinky: Oh.  That fits.  Narf.

Pinky: We strolled right past a candy house
       Made of sweets that taste good to a... ooh...
Brain: Mouse!

Pinky: To find the dragon, all hot with steam
       We must cross this little ...brook? no, um, fjord?
Brain: Stream.  It rhymes with 'steam'.
Pinky: Oh.  Right again, Brain.

Pinky: The Murky Mountain's the end of the trail
       Soon we'll have a dragon's... uh, dra...
Brain: Toenail.  A red dragon's toenail.  And once we possess it, Pinky,
       nothing will stand between us and total world domination.

Pinky: We walked into the dragon's cave
       I was scared, but Brain was... was... uh...
Brain: BRAVE!  (echo, echo, echo)

Pinky: Go, my dragon, to sleepyland
       It's dreamy time; here comes the sand ...um... sand boy?
Brain: Sand Man, Pinky.  Sand MAN!  (echo echo echo)

Pinky: Brain's the boss; he'll rule with ease
       He's number one, the big... um, the big banana? uh, coconut? um er...
Brain: Big Cheese!  It rhymes with 'ease'.  Big Cheese!
*** poof ***

Pinky: We'll try again to prove our worth
       Escape from the cage, and conquer the... guh...
Brain: Earth, Pinky.  Y'know, I've been thinking a lot about you and your
       music.  Might I see that?
Pinky: Sure, Brain.
Brain: That was very therapeutic.
YW+D : One's a genius; the other's insane
       They're Pinky and The ...uh... Brain.

Lyrics from SMITTEN WITH KITTENS (Episode 39)
by Deanna Oliver

Milk, Please, Mama
Music by Richard Stone.

Kttns: Milk, milk
       Milk, milk
       Milk, please, Mama
       'Xcuse our tune
       But we're gonna faint
       If we don't get food
       Milk, please, Mama
       Mama, please!
I'm Nobody's Mama
Music by Deanna Oliver.
Rita : I'm nobody's mama
       Got no family
       I'm a career cat
       And my career is all about me.
       No one can tie me down
       I'm going places
       Straighten up
       Don't make those silly sad faces
       It's rude.
Kttns: Mew?
Rita : All right, I'll get food.
       (spoken) But that's it! After that, you're on your own.

Rita : I'm too independent
       They're so small
       How can I care for them?
       Do I care at all?
       I could never stand "Help me, Mama; Feed me, Mama
       Need me, Mama; Don't leave me, Mama."
       I'd never tolerate that.
       On the other hand, "Oh, my Mama; I love you, Mama
       I will never leave you, Mama."
       No! You've got the wrong cat!

Rita : And did I mention
       They'll want too much attention
       I'll worry about 'em each day, every minute
       I gotta tell you my head isn't in it.
       I won't let my heart talk
       'Cause it's ruled by my biological clock
       Which is ticking away.
       No way!
       I mean what I say!
       I'm a single cat stray!
       I'm nobody's mama!
Transcribed by John Payson, Olivia D. Isaac, David Rose and Ron O'Dell

Lyrics from BROADCAST NUISANCE (Episode 41)
by Gordon Bressack and Charles Howell IV

YW+D: We're from Sam'n'Ella's Coffee Shop
      Eat our food and you're bound to drop
      Then the only thing that's left to do
      Head to the potty and spew spew spew!
Dot : We're Beatrice.
Transcribed by O.G. Shofner


Parody of That's Amore

Voice : When the birds hit the street
        Looking for food to eat,
        That's Goodfeathers!
Chorus: That's Goodfeathers!
Voice : When I'm cooing at you
        And you're cooing at me,
        That's Goodfeathers!
        Take no guff
        'Cause they're tough
        Strut their stuff
        No cream puffs,
        That's Goodfeathers!
Transcribed by "The Corinthian" and Ron O'Dell

Lyrics from OF NICE AND MEN (Episode 43)
by Randy Rogel and Sherri Stoner

Music by Randy Rogel.

Runt: (spoken) Uh, Rita? Rita, tell me again how it's gonna be.
Rita: I already told ya, sixteen times.
Runt: I wanna hear it again, yeah, d-definitely wanna hear it again.

Rita: We can take care of ourselves
      We're independent, me and you.
Runt: (spoken) That's true.
Rita: (sung) We don't need any humans
      To tell us what to do.
      From now on we're livin'
      Where nobody can get in our way.
Runt: (spoken) And, uh, where're we gonna be living?
Rita: (sung) Monterey!
Runt: (spoken) Oh, that's right, like, like the cheese.

Rita: Monterey! Monterey!
      It's the California livin'
      With the sun and the surf
      And we'll never have to give in
      To another human master again.
      It's Cannery Row for dinner and then
      We'll sleep on the beach
      Where the sand is heaped up in piles.
Runt: (spoken) Definitely a lot of sand.
Rita: (sung) A litterbox for miles!

Rita: You'll never have to fetch another slipper again
      No more having to pretend to be nice.
      We're finally free
      From now on we'll be
      With the sun and the sand
      And the thundering seas
      On the cliffs at the harbor
      With the cypress trees
      And the Fisherman's Wharf
      It's all there
      In Monterey!

Happy Bob's Bunny Ranch
Music by Randy Rogel.
Bob : Ba-dabba-dabba-lu-bum

Bob : Everybody gather around now
      Eat it up and gobble it down
      That's right!
      Eat yer food you'll all see
      Pretty soon you'll all be
      Nice and fat and furry and round.

Bob : Look at this fur: ain't it purty?
      So soft and so shiny and sleek
      We take our time; don't rush it
      Clean and shine and brush it
      Every single day of the week.

Bob : Tweedle-de-dee-ah-tweedle-de-doo
      Eat up all them carrots and plants
      If you want a furry rabbit
      C'mon down and grab it
      At Happy Bob's Bunny Ranch!
Bob : (spoken) Hello, little lady! You're just what I need for my
      barn. Yer a lucky cat, all right. You get ta chase the rats!
(tosses Rita into barn, slams door)
Stereotypical View
Music by Randy Rogel.
Rita: This is great! This is perfect!
      It's always the same thing with cats
      There's always some ignorant human assumin'
      We like to chase rats.
      I'm gettin' real sick of this stereotypical view
      We can't be controlled and we hate to be told what to do.

Rita: They misunderstand us; they can't command us
      We don't purr if we're not in the mood.
      Humans believe that the animals love them but
      All we want is their food.
      I don't need this job; I won't work for that slob anyhow
      I'm tellin' Runt that it's over; we're leavin' right now.
Bunny Bedtime
Music by Randy Rogel.
Runt: (yawn), definitely (yawn).
Rbts: (yawn)
Runt: Bedtime. Definitely bedtime.

Runt: It's time to close your bunny eyes
      And rest your bunny heads
      Sleep all night through
      And I hope that you
      Won't wet your bunny beds.
      (spoken) Definitely don't wanna wet the bunny beds.
Rita: [from doorway] Hey, it's a cartoon.  What'd ya expect? Sondheim?
Transcribed by "The Corinthian," Matthew Ford, Steve Miller and Ron O'Dell

Lyrics from SURVEY LADIES (Episode 43)
by Deanna Oliver and Sherri Stoner

YW+D : In the mall,
       In the mall,
       In the glorious mall
       We'll find a birthday gift
       For Doctor Scratchansnifft.
Yakko: (spoken) Don't you love it when we sing the plot?
YW+D : Something nifty,
       Something thrifty,
       For our shrinkie,
       In the mall!
Transcribed by Steve Miller by Ron O'Dell

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