Official Funk Mascot: JD

Just Dog!

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Loyal Companion and Official Tail-Wagger

For 17 years J.D. was an avid Funk fan as the ever-attentive and tail-wagging door greeter for the Funks when they arrived at the Funk Headquarters (a.k.a. the Mathews household). Although he was almost entirely deaf in his later years and we couldn't be sure that he could still hear the Funks practicing, he cuddled up on the sofa to watch nonetheless. On special occassions like outside concerts and parades, he got the double bonus of going for a walk and seeing the Funks perform their finished product!

J.D. was a beloved mutt of unknown ingredients... His favorite pastimes included eating milk bones, begging for leftovers, going for walks, playing in the rain, chasing foriegn cats out of the backyard, and poking us with his nose to get attention.

His little buddy, and lifelong companion, Pumpkin (a.k.a. Fatty or Punky) was a beautiful grey and white kitty who entered our home just a few months before he did. JD and Punky grew up together as best friends, and as a result each shared a little species-confusion. Pumpkin would follow us on walks and around the house like a loyal little dog, and JD enjoyed sitting on the back of the sofa to look out the window... Pumpkin's favorite activities included bugging JD, meowing extra loudly, eating anything, sleeping and staking out human laps to monopolize.

They are both dearly loved and fondly remembered!