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Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions for Army Models A-26B and A-26C Airplanes

This CD contains the complete Army Air Force manual AN01-40AJ-1, revised 5 December 1944. It has been scanned in high resolution from the manual issued to me during World War II. There are about 130 pages, with those pages presented in full color that were in color in the original document.

This detailed manual explains systems and operating procedures for the A-26 Invader aircraft with excellent illustrations and drawings. Want to know about the aircraft's capabilities and limitations, types of armament, bomb types, use of torpedos, or etc.? It is in this CD.

This is a browser based slide show, with each page advanced by a click of your mouse. If desired a page can be zoomed for easier reading, examination of details, or printing.

System Requirements The CD will auto start on a PC computer and manual start on a MAC computer. It runs on all common browsers (including Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator/Communicator).

The CD is being offered in a limited edition. Each CD will be customized with its issue number and the purchasers name. The price is $20 which includes mailing to a USA address (for overseas orders please send an e-mail to find out the shipping amount).

To order, please send your check or money order to:

Gene P. Ryan
P.O. Box 44
Macdoel, CA 96058

To submit your order by e-mail, click here. (You will still need to send your check or money order by mail.)

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