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Janet Bernichon

Janet Bernichon (2)

Charles Bukowski

Dean Creighton

Mike Dayoub

Hans Ebner

Hans Ebner (2)

Michael Estabrook

Virgil Hervey

Robert W. Howington

Albert Huffstickler

Kelly June Hutcheson

Deb Kilgore

Janet Kuypers

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LeeAnn Heringer

Michael McNeilley

Kurt Nimmo

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Missed the autumn issue of PNG Poetry Online... slipped a divorce in there and endured a few other gnarly and unpleasant personal things... came out the other end and it's nearly November... or will be by the time I get this page up... Okay. I'm going to be brutally honest—most of the poetry I received here in response to past issues of PNG Poetry Online was pretty bad... at least for me. That and the above- mentioned is why this issue is small... and also because I had to move all the computer equipment across town and into my new digs—a basement in the middle of suburbia... which is not what I have in mind when I think underground web space...

I had some problems with photos... one is stranded somewhere in a box—I believe it's the one beside the furnace... so, in other words, I can't get the poet photo section together this issue... I know, I know—flimsy excuse... but that's the way it is. I'll resume it next issue...

This issue designed to be viewed with either Netscape 3.0 or Internet Explorer 3.0. If you are using 2.0 or lower, you will not see helvetica or other type fonts on these pages—you will see your browser default. Otherwise, these pages should be viewable with any browser. All material herein is the property of the creators who submitted them to PNG... Send submissions after you read the poems here—as I noted above, I'm getting a fair amount of drivel... it hasn't been this bad since I published a paper-based poetry zine back in the 80s...

All artwork and code by Kurt Nimmo. Additional photo credits to Paul Kiscaden. If you decide to send a submission, please do so by way of email... press here to bring up your browser's email program.