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Musician David Winters, his CD's:Smooth and Quirky and Jazzy Political Music, his writings including the book Natural & Artificial Harmonics For The Guitar, his work in Labor Culture, and with the O'Daveys Irish Music Duo are among the topics explored below.

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photo by Paul Schraub

David Winters

David Winters has been performing professionally for more than 20 years. A member of the American Federation of Musicians, he is an accomplished vocalist ("A Singer For All Seasons") - Santa Cruz Good Times) and guitarist ("amazing guitar virtuosity" - Freedom Song Network Newsletter; "David Winters - guitar virtuoso" - Santa Cruz Sentinel). He has contributed instructional articles to Acoustic Guitar Magazine, Guitar Player Magazine's prestigious 'Masters Series', National Guitar Workshop's Complete Guitarist (David was fingerstyle specialist for the California campus of the National Guitar Summer Workshop) and authored the acclaimed book 'Natural & Artificial Harmonics for the Guitar'. In addition he has directed children's musical theater and taught a variety of music workshops through the years.

A very adaptable performer both vocally and instrumentally, David presents solo programs of original music, jazz standards, traditional folk and blues, and classical music.

His compositions have been used in productions by the Mamalution Dance Collective, Santa Cruz Actors Theater, Wallflower Order Dance Collective, various children's theater presentations and in his own articles and books.

David Winters/Music
136 Van Ness Ave.
Santa Cruz, CA 95060


David also performs with the O'Daveys Irish Music Duo

The O'Daveys perform their own arrangements of traditional Irish dance music and rebel songs interspersing original pieces cut from the same cloth. Their varied instrumentation, informational patter and humor make for an entertaining and diverse presentation of jigs, reels, airs and ballads.

The O'Daveys on the web

Photo by David Borough, 1998