Art Journaling: Hannah Hinchman and others

A Trail Through Leaves
by Hannah Hinchman


  1. Going to the Source
  2. Wet, Dry, Rough, Polished
  3. Feeling It in Your Bones
  4. The Power of the Ordinary
  5. The Flow of Attention
  6. Seeing Order, Seeing Chaos
  7. Unmeasurable Phenomena
  8. The World as Events
  9. Turning the Years' Pages

About half the book has illustrations taken directly from her many journals. Includes a few exercises. Mostly teaches by example.

Sadly Sadly, includes no index. I can read the book or skim it. But I can't use it as a reference. Sadly

  1. Going to the Source.
    Skip over the text of this chapter. I nearly abandoned the book here. But later chapters are much better.

  2. Wet, Dry, Rough, Polished.
    Tools and techniques. Start by (re-)discovering what your tools can do. "Spend a lot of time experimenting before you launch into a drawing or painting." Examples:

  3. Feeling It in Your Bones.

  4. The Power of the Ordinary.

  5. The Flow of Attention.

  6. Seeing Order, Seeing Chaos.
    How our 'pattern-hungry minds' impose patterns on what we see. By contrast, try to uncover order.

  7. Unmeasurable Phenomena.

  8. The World as Events.
    This chapter introduces the Event Map, a collage of field drawings and notes that show the time sequence in which they were made.

  9. Turning the Years' Pages.
    Samples from 1970 (in Ohio) to 1994 (in Wyoming). Quotes (from Thoreau's Journals):
    "If you would know aught, be gay before it."