How to Start Learning Spanish.
by J. Zimmerman

Learn: * Spanish greetings. * Spanish numbers.

Also see:
Buy 'Spanish I: Pimsleur Comprehensive Program' Spanish I: Pimsleur - on CD. This is a delight. A fast and relatively painless way to build mastery of Spanish. You listen and repeat useful words, then phrases, which you learn to combine smoothly into sentences and then into conversations. Highly recommended.
If you can't afford it, get it from your library. Great to prepare for or consolidate upon a trip to study Spanish abroad.
Buy 'Huevos verdes con jamón' Huevos verdes con jamón by Dr. Seuss, Aida E. Marcuse (Translator)
After listening to the Pimsleur tapes above, and with a handy dictionary, I was ready for Dr. Seuss!
His hilarious and lively pictures, and his reliable use of repetition and jokes, makes this a great learning tool for adults as well as children learning Spanish. One reviewer said, "My 20 month old baby love it" - so maybe I am now understanding Spanish at a 20-month-baby level!
Buy 'The Oxford Spanish Dictionary' The Oxford Spanish Dictionary: Spanish-English/English-Spanish by Beatriz Galimberti Jarman (Editor), et al.
More than 250,000 words and phrases. Over 430,000 translations. Thousands of sample sentences to illustrate meaning and usage. Explains the proper usage of all the words. Lots of examples.
Buy '501 Spanish Verbs' 501 Spanish Verbs: Fully Conjugated in All the Tenses in a New Easy-to-Learn Format Alphabetically Arranged by Christopher Kendris.
Very practical and useful. A blessing for student and traveler.
Buy 'Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish' Madrigal's Magic Key to Spanish by Margarita Madrigal - with delightful original drawings by Andy Warhol!

Learn some Spanish greetings. (Check our recommended books and tapes for pronunciation!)

[Hi!]          ¡Hola!

[What's up?]   ¿Qué tal?

[What's new?]  ¿Qué hay?

[How are you?]
   Formal:         ¿Cómo ésta usted?
   Informal:       ¿Cómo éstas? 
[Fine thanks.]     Bien, gracias.

[And you?]
   Formal:         ¿Y usted?
   Informal:       ¿Y tú?
[Good morning.]    Buenos días.

[Good afternoon.]  Buenas tardes.

[Good evening; good night.]
                   Buenas noches.
[What's your name?]
   Formal:         ¿Cómo se llama usted?
   Informal:       ¿Cómo te llamas?

[My name is ... ]  Me llamo ...
[Nice to meet you.]      Mucho gusto.

[The pleasure is mine.]  El gusto es mio.

[Goodbye.]         Adiós.

[See you soon.]    Hasta pronto.

[See you later.]   Nos vemos.

Learn some Spanish numbers. (Check our recommended books and tapes for pronunciation!)

1. uno
2. dos
3. tres
4. cuatro 
5. cinco

 6. seis
 7. siete 
 8. ocho
 9. nueve
10. diez 

11. once
12. doce
13. trece
14. catorce 
15. quince

16. dieciséis
17. diecisiete 
18. dieciocho
19. diecinueve
20. veinte 

21. veintiuno
22. veintidós
23. veintitrés
24. veinticuatro
25. veinticinco

26. veintiséis
27. veintisiete
28. veintiocho
29. veintinueve
30. treinta 

100. cien
101. ciento y uno
200. doscientos/as 
300. trescientos/as 
400. cuatrocientos/as 
500. quincientos/as 

600. seiscientos/as 
700. setecientos/as 
800. ochocientos/as 
900. novecientos/as 
1000. mil
1001. mil y uno