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Reader's Bill of Rights - after Daniel Pennac in Better than Life as quoted in the November 2003 Utne Magazine - contains the rights to:

{ December 2003 }

Buy 'Helping Someone With Mental Illness' Helping Someone With Mental Illness by Rosalynn Carter with Susan K. Golant.
Former first lady Rosalynn Carter provides a powerful tool for families, social workers, doctors, and clients. Tells many deeply moving individual stories; discusses diagnosis, treatment, scientific research, stigma, advocacy. She writes:

Ms. Carter's sympathy in relating individual stories highlights her discussion of the diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses, including schizophrenia, depression, bipolar illness (manic-depression), and anxiety disorders.

For decades she has been a respected advocate for the mentally ill.
"Reading Carter on mental illness is like reading Dr. Spock on child care." (Peggy Moorman)


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Buy 'The Creative Habit' The Creative Habit: Learn it and Use it for Life by Twyla Tharp (new this year 2003).
Devoured it in a single day.
This is * the best book I read in 2003 *. It inspires the reader to move into the creative zone and do the work essential to being any kind of professional artist. Twyla Tharp (the leading and innovative choreographer) is a brilliant mentor and a no-nonsense delight.

Brendan McCarthy, in her marvelous review in Ballet Magazine, writes:

[Twyla Tharp] is a Puritan, has great certainties and is impatient of ambiguity ("I don't like grey. That is how I am.").
... The core of her argument is in the book's title: that creativity is less a matter of genius than of disciplined work habits. Her rituals - notably her daily two-hour gym session beginning at 5.30 a.m. - matter; not merely because they shape her day, but because they are a source of strength when creativity is barren and inspiration comes slow.

Check our review page.

Read the book. Do the exercises. Do your art. (12.1.2003)

{ November 2003 }


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A Chinese saying (heard on NPR recently):
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{ October 2003 }


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