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8/10/04 Homeschooling Gains Popularity Across Nation (with local interviews)

8/3/04 School Board Races Yield Few New Faces

6/2/04 - Top local high school graduates named - Congratulations to SLV High School's Jason Skylar George, Jessica Calhoun, Sierra Ford, and Sara Koehring!

5/28/04 New UC policy irks soon-to-be grads - Community College no longer a guaranteed ticket to UC.

5/20/04 Too many eligible for UC, study says - Can you believe it? High school teachers work and work to get the students ready for college, and now it's a "problem" that too many are ready!

5/1/04 SLV High fights back against racism

4/27/04 Redwood Academy to Appeal to County Board of Education - "Parents shrug off SLV board’s rejection of Redwood school proposal"

Laura's news articles:

SLV School Board Denies Redwood Academy Charter - In my synopsis of the school board meeting, I present a report on what went into the decision, as well as my commentary on it.

SLV Teachers Kick-Off Fundraiser to Reduce Class Size - Let's do it! If Scotts Valley can raise "a dollar a day" per child ($360,000 so far), we can surely do $99! YOU can help get class sizes down to a manageable level! Learn all about it here!

New Program at SLVJHS! - A new Humanities and Sciences Academy will be opening in the fall, beginning with 7th grade students.

Charter School Proposal: Redwood Academy - the SLVUSD is currently considering a petition to start a new independent charter school. Get information, plus my take on the proposal, here.

Lawsuit Update: SLV CARE vs SLVUSD - On Tuesday, January 27, there was a court hearing where SLV CARE sought a court injunction to immediately re-open the school closure process and halt all construction. The upshot is that the request for an injunction was denied.