SLV School District Perspectives


General Information

School Board Meetings - schedule, synopses, etc.

Budget Info -
cuts and general info

School Closures

Recall Election

Analysis and Discussion


District Information

Official SLV School District Web Site - lots of information about the district, including contact information, links to the school sites, addresses, staff info, and more.

Governing Board - information about the school board - who they are, how to contact them, how they are elected, and board policies.

District Data - sources of data for the district including enrollment, test results, and financial information.

Schools - here are links to the official Web sites of the schools in our district:

  San Lorenzo Valley High School

  San Lorenzo Valley Junior High School

  San Lorenzo Valley Elementary School

  Boulder Creek Elementary School

  SLVUSD Charter School

Education and Government Codes - Ever see references to Education or Government regulations, but not know what the heck they are talking about? Here's a handy-dandy search engine to look them up.

More To Come!