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Note: I am no longer updating this site, as the interest does not seem to be there. But I encourage everyone's participation in our school district, and leave the site up for informational purposes.

Purpose of this Web Site:

This is a purely personal web site focusing on the San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District, with absolutely no official connection to the district. I began developing this site in late July of 2003, with the intention of creating a place where people can find out what is going on in the governing of our school district, access pertinent information, and participate in respectful discussion about some of the issues facing our district.

Why am I doing this?

What does the site include?

Basically, my goal is to cover most of what I think may interest people and is important to the running of the district. I include synopses of each school board meeting and all public workshops. I also try to keep the site updated with regard to budget issues which are so crucial for us all to understand. In addition, I provide informational links to district data, and I intend to supplement this with demographic and other information that I've accumulated on my own. And yes, I present my own analysis of matters that are important us, and invite others to do the same.

I expect the site to grow and develop over time as I learn more about what people like to see. I invite others to share their thoughts with me.

Laura Dolson

Ben Lomond

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Although this Web site is about issues related to the San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District (in Santa Cruz County, CA) and contains information related to it, the site is mine and mine alone, and should in no way be interpreted to be connected to the District in any official way whatsoever. Unless otherwise stated, I wrote everything on here, and I wrote it because I wanted to. I'm trying to make everything as accurate as possible, but if there are mistakes, it is, as my father likes to say "my own blame". I will fix them as soon as they are brought to my attention.

Thank you for visiting this site!

Laura Dolson