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Why am I writing this Web site?

Two years ago, I knew almost nothing about the people running our school district and the issues it faced. Then I began hearing rumors of financial mismanagement, and other practices and decisions that seemed questionable. I became interested, and began to research the situation. I obtained a copy of the budget and learned the basics about it. I started to research the history of our financial problems. I talked to district employees (special thanks to Don Fox and Eric Schoffstall for spending a good deal of time with me). I looked carefully at census and school district data. And I began to go to school board meetings. I believe I've been to all but three since September of 2002, and I attended almost all of the public school closure meetings as well. I also participated with the San Lorenzo Valley Education Forum in evaluating school board candidates for the election last November.

One of the things that struck me right away was how little is generally known about the governing of the district. The local papers have some coverage of the more controversial issues, but they don't have the space for in-depth coverage, let alone analysis. The idea for a Web site occurred to me, but I didn't have the time or inclination until this summer, when my interest in the project grew, and I had more time available to work on it.

The other thing that spurred me to develop this site is that there has been increasing acrimony within the district in recent months, and I wanted to try to provide a place where people might begin to be able to understand one another. I have seen a lot of arguing, but not a lot of productive discussion where people try to come to some common understanding. This site can be a catalyst for such discussion, but this is ultimately up to the people who participate. For my part, I will clearly state my opinions, but these are meant to be a jumping-off place for wider discussion, and I vow to include all sides as people respond to what I've written, provided that responses are written in a respectful way.

I hope you find this site to be of value to you.

Laura Dolson