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10/28/03 I'm delighted that School Board Recall has been called off! Hurray! Although the group calling itself "SLV United" is continuing to promulgate lies and distortions, I'm hoping the rest of us can TRULY unite to help the District meet the many challenges it faces. Thanks to everyone who helped to make a REAL difference in the community by fighting this destructive effort.

My SLV Recall Analysis Articles

Why the Recall Election is Such a Bad Idea - It's the wrong thing - just say no to the petitions. Here's my reasoning.

--->Discuss This Article! - SLV residents chime in about the recall.

My Reply to the Reasons for the Recall - The proponents of the recall set out a number of grounds to justify an extra election. I respond to them in detail.

Are California Recalls Anti-Democratic? - There are a lot of reasons why the California recall system, at its heart, goes against some of our most basic democratic principles.

Related Information

New! - SLV CARES Lawsuit - Concurrent with the recall attempt, a group of SLV residents are suing the District over the school closures. I will discuss the grounds of the lawsuit, and the possible countersuit by the SLV Teachers' Association.

Text of the Recall Notice Document - Includes the reasons stated for the recall and the 12 SLV residents who are proposing it.

The North District School Closure Decision - a summary of the most important points considered in making the decision of which school to close in the north part of the district. (South District coming soon.)

The Redwood Zoning Issue: The Controversy and the Facts - The recall proponents have been trying to add to the laundry list of specious grounds they cited in the recall intent notice by circulating fliers implying that the board "fixed" the school closure process ahead of time because they had previous plans for Redwood Elementary. I explore the "re-zoning" issue and get the facts. NOTE: Jeff Almquist, our County Supervisor, spoke at the school board meeting on September 16, confirming everything I wrote in this article, and a bit more. To read about his presentation, see the synopsis of that meeting.

What is a Recall Election? - Includes how California recall elections work, and how they differ from recall elections elsewhere.

Procedures for Local Recall Elections - PDF version   HTML version - A guide based on the state statues that apply to our situation.