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Text of Recall Intent Notice

The following is the text of the Notice of Intention to Circulate Recall Petitions. As per California State law, one of these was given to each of the four target school board trustees, and it was published in the paper (the Valley Post). The second large paragraph below contains the reasons given for the recall.

To the Honorable (Trustee's Name Here)

Pursuant to Section 11020 of the California Elections Code, the undersigned, registered qualified voters of the San Lorenzo Unified School District, County of Santa Cruz, State of California, hereby give notice that we are the proponents of a recall petition and that we intend to seek your recall and removal from the office of San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District Governing Board of Trustees in the San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District, County of Santa Cruz, State of California, and to demand an election of a successor for that office.

The grounds for the proposed recall are as follows:

In our opinion, said Trustee:

Failed to fulfill prime function of the Governing Board by not assuring development of an adequate strategic financial plan to insure the District's fiscal integrity. Failed to appropriately spend Measure-S Funds by selecting a school slated to consume $3,591.950.00 in Bond Funds over a school needing $0 funds. Failed to provide the safest and most productive learning environment for children as all children will be placed into campuses with construction zones when alternate sites are available. Failed to acknowledge community concerns that presented over 1,000 signatures on petition to re-examine the decision of children in construction zones. Failed to gain Taxpayer support for Measure-A by effectively assessing polling data or addressing Taxpayer concerns. Failed to effectively evaluate and address all deficiencies in School Closure Committee's Report, which required re-evaluating applicable facts for appropriate school closure recommendation. Failed to successfully evaluate the School Closure Committee Rebuttal Response Report that included additional qualified information from: Boulder Creek Fire Protection District; Caltrans Engineers; District Architect; Earthquake Engineering and Geological Studies; Health and Safety issues and Federal American Disability Act Standards. Failed to effectively evaluate cash donation of $250,000 which could allow an additional elementary school to remain open.


David L. Churchill, Boulder Creek

Teri L. Dakon, Boulder Creek

Robert J. Champetier, Boulder Creek

Janet L. Dunn, Boulder Creek

Carl A. Dunn, Boulder Creek

Barbara A. Marshall, Boulder Creek

William F. Marshall, Boulder Creek

Howard Neal, Boulder Creek

Mary Ann Kent, Boulder Creek

Roger Lee, Ben Lomond

Heather M Rockholt Glahn, Boulder Creek

Jane S. Hood, Boulder Creek

Laura's Response to This Notice