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Governing Board

Trustees ("school board members") of the SLVUSD are elected every four years. Since elections are held every two years, usually 2 are elected during one cycle, and the other three two years later. Occasionally, trustees are appointed to fill slots that are vacated between elections - this happened with Area 3's Susan Weber, who was appointed to fill a vacancy in 2001, and then ran for office at the next election last November (she will be up for reelection again in 2004 to get the cycle back to normal). This created the unusual situation of having 4 of the 5 trustees up for reelection at the same time in November of 2002. (Trustees running unopposed do not appear on the ballot.)

Trustees are elected "at large". This means that although only one can be elected from each of the 5 areas, all voters in the district vote for all the trustee areas.

Our school board members are:

Area 1 (Boulder Creek and Brookdale): Bob Fultz - term ends 2006 - email

Area 2 (Boulder Creek - mostly northern area): Linda Kyrnitszke (pronounced kur NIT ski) - term ends 2006 - email

Area 3 (Ben Lomond): Susan Weber - term ends 2004 - email

Area 4 (Felton): Barbara Sprenger - term ends 2006 - email

Area 5 (Lompico, Zayante, and a little of Felton): Jeff Bidmon - term ends 2004 - email

Board Policies (PDF)