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Ed-Data - This useful page is maintained by the state. You can access information about budget, enrollment, and other data, as well as comparisons on various parameters between our district and others. One point on comparison data - it's best to compare us with districts that are similar to us in size and demographic characteristics for more accurate comparisons. To get info on our district, choose Santa Cruz in the county menu, wait for it to load, and then choose San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District. Note that the most recent year for which data is available on this site is the 2001-2 school year.

STAR Testing Results for our district - To get more information to help in understanding these results, click on "Home" in the bottom left corner.

Academic Performance Index - this is the most recent report for our district schools. For other years and reports in our district, click here. To go to other districts for comparison, click here.

Adequate Yearly Progress - For the federal "No Child Left Behind" mandate (don't EVEN get me started on this one - a future Opinion column for sure) Explanation of the program

Can someone help me out? In the past I have seen information on California high schools showing how many of the high school students graduate with the requirements needed to go on to the California State College system. For the life of me I can't find it now, but would like to link to it if I knew where it was. Thanks!