This is even funnier than the other one. So the ho gets a little of her own
medicine and starts bragging about her connections. Yeah, used to see that
all the time when reporting on the vice squad.

Send your name to me and I will call [name suppressed] on Monday and we'll see
what happens. Someone needs to wash your mouth out, anyway.

The other one was so funny I decided to keep it.

I'm sure all your highplaced friends will be thrilled to hear you are
throwing their names around to protect yourself after this mess you made.
You note I never mention my friends or threaten people with them. That is
because I have nothing to hide and nothing to worry about. After all, you
know my name, ho, but I don't know yours, so send it over.

There's an old drunk passed down on the corner and I'll make sure he gets it
when he wakes up. Maybe you can shake him down for a quarter.

You are not very well-known and are disrespected often. Direct me to ONE
GOOD REVIEW that you have ever received besides a dead person thanking you
for the glowing obit. You make a pathetic attempt to know who I am.
You're the one who was supposedly married to a massage-therapist,
stripper-chick who used up all yer dough...take yer gripe up with her.

There's a newspaper called THE NEW YORK TIMES, which is written in a language
called English and read by people who have been to school, and who don't sell
their ass as cheap hos for a living. Read the review of my book there, if
you can.

Also a review in the LATIMES.

Bottom line, stinky, is that I don't have to go on the net to be known. I
only use the net in my spare time to keep in touch with a few people. My
book is in every store, reviewed enthusiastically, and I'm on TV every day.
You have to go on the net and pretend to be someone to have a life.

Yeah, I have that lived-in look. I might be a lot prettier if I hadn't seen
all the crimes your mentors committed in the Balkans. But that's
OK, I don't have to be pretty, because I ain't a ho like you, no matter what
the North Beach trash said once long ago. I earn my money with my thoughts, not my ass.

Skanky, my computer is beginning to smell bad. Go douche. And leave me
alone or I'll call the vice squad on you. I never had any interest in you
and I did not initiate contact with you. You began harassing Jack and me.
And I am about ready to file a stalking complaint on you, if the vice squad
can figure out what corner you're on.

Cold lately. Does it feel lonely when you're standing on the snowy street
in the middle of the night waiting to give a fifty cent blowjob?

I know you don't read newspapers but they may come in hand when you have to
sleep on a bench in the snow, after drinking your Colt 45 and finishing off
your last trick.

You spent one month in the Balkans after the fighting was over, retard.
Call the vice-squad, that's funny...you're funny, I'll give you that much...

If you don't want to read my e-mail, I'd be glad to offer you instructions
on how to filter your messages, retard. If you don't want to engage in
conversation, stop. You have spent a large portion of this evening trying
to insult me, pathetic attempt though.

How do you know about Colt 45? Did your Wife drink that? ewww, that's
so-not-classy. From what University do you have a degree again, I forget.
Oh, that's right, you don't have a degree. Right now, I'm busy raising the
future, the ones who will take care of you in your old age. Allah has not
shined upon you the blessings of parenthood...for whatever reason that
might be...maybe you just don't like girls.

To the herbal ho: you claim to be so wise and new agey, but check this out:
all the hos are beautiful when they are young, and ugly when old. The time
will come when people will no longer love you for money and will no longer
think you are beautiful. People who think you are beautiful now haven't
seen your skank Nazi side. When they do you'll cease to make a living with your
ass. And you'll never make a living with your mind. Never. Not even
writing personal ads.

When did I say I was a Nazi? You are the illiterate one. And you are
dumb. And all you have are assumptions, no facts, I KNOW you're an
idiot...it's on the record. And beauty doesn't fade, beauty is more than
looks, but I guess you don't even know that, being so damned ugly.

Go write yer own obit.

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