Bloodweave, Lizard Scales
My Earthdawn/Fuzion Campaign
Last Updated 3 August 2001

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This is the page for the campaign I've been running in the Earthdawn universe, using the Fuzion ruleset rather than FASA's. Our group consists of only two players, so far, but we've woven quite a Legend to date - and it's still growing, in fits and starts. Not bad for my first real campaign.

First, let me present the characters:

Below are the notes and summaries of our previous adventures.

Episode 0 - Mists of Betrayal
aka Why We Don't Play With FASA's Rules.

Episode I - Caravan to Urupa
Based on Caravan to Ein Erris, from GURPS: Basic Set, 3rd edition. The real first adventure of the campaign.

Episode II - Mists of Betrayal redux
The heroes on their own. From the FASA adventure.

Episode III - Rat Creatures
My first home-made adventure.

Episode IV - The Electric Horror
My first kaer, hearkening back to my first days of GMing Tunnels & Trolls dungeons. Ah, nostalgia. Special guest star: Vogt the White, as Loh'si Starweaver.

Episode Va - Training
Nasara undergoes a Mystic Quest. Based on "Tervel's Haven", a Vampire: the Masquerade adventure from Pyramid magazine.

Episode Vb - Plague Critters
Gorin solves an ecological mystery. Special guest star: Vincent Price.

Episode VI - By the Book
From Shadis magazine. The characters hit the big time.

Episode VII - Heritance OFFLINE
From the Earthdawn Journal. Gorin has a coma, and some other stuff happens.

Episode VIII - Conspiracy? OFFLINE
Inspired by an adventure in Shadis magazine. The players demonstrate a gleeful lack of foolishness when it comes to Things Man Was Not Meant To Know.

Episode IX - The Boucher Estate OFFLINE
From The Call of Yog-Sothoth. Cthulhu begins to rise.

Episode X - Terror in the Skies OFFLINE
From the FASA adventure.

Episode XI - Gorin vs. the Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight OFFLINE
Gorin blunders his way to victory in an adventure from "The Call of Yog-Sothoth". Special guest star: Tyffir.

Episode XII - The Stone Ship OFFLINE
Tyffir and Gorin escorting a ship - overland? From a Net.Plot.Book adventure.

Episode XIII - The Old Abandoned Temple OFFLINE
Guest GM: Brandon Ove. Tyffir and Gorin discover why it was abandoned.

Episode XIV - Arena of Iopos OFFLINE
Inspired by Arena of Khazan, for T&T. Tyffir and Gorin "volunteer" to test magic in the Iopos arena.

Episode XV - The Ancient Facility OFFLINE
Nasara and Gorin working together again to discover an underground facility from the previous Age. The Therans add some plot complication.

Episode XVI - Thievery/Foundation of an Empire OFFLINE
Gorin tracks down his stolen Thread Item, and Nasara works on creating her own.

Episode XVII - Look the Future OFFLINE
From "The Call of Yog-Sothoth". First true instance of "wait, that adventure sucked, let's rewrite it and try again". Our heroes save the Prince of Urupa from a sinister organization. Caleb appears.

Episode XVIII - Infected OFFLINE
From the FASA adventure. Our heroes do some good out on the plains.

Episode XIX - The Coven of Kannick OFFLINE
From "The Call of Yog-Sothoth". Our heroes track now more of the nefarious deeds of the Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight.

Episode XX - Five Forges OFFLINE
Rael appears, and with Gorin's aid reunites her people. Gorin discovers hero-worship.

Episode XXI - Jungle Hunt OFFLINE
Helping jungle Orks against Theran slavers; inspired by an adventure by somebody-or-other.

Episode XXII - The Earthdawn OFFLINE
Our heroes discover an ancient Barsaivian treasure, and then try to to escape from it.

Episode XXIII - Welcome to Shosara OFFLINE
Our heroes help the people of the free North fight invae

Episode XXIV - Scouting Trip OFFLINE
Our heroes go on a delving trip to locate important magicks for the Shosaran government.

Episode XXV - The High Forest OFFLINE
Guest Player: Bianca Izurieta. Our heroes, fearing themselves cursed, quest across the northlands to find a supposed cure.

Episode XXVI - A Spy in Shosara (Part I) OFFLINE
Our heroes combat intrigues in Shosara during an important summit meeting.

Episode XXVII - Caleb on the High Seas OFFLINE
Meanwhile, Caleb encounters an old enemy, and gets into a bit of trouble at sea.

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