AXS Visitor Tracking System
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Enter your most common settings below. The main page will display those settings automatically.

Database Format Settings

The text box holds the number of recent hits you're interested in. You can enter a letter to view recent hits through the day of your last visit.

Listings per Page:

The maximum number of listings to show on a single page in the database output. Use "0" for no limit.

Most Common Graphs:


By default, all hits in the database will be graphed. Use these filters to restrict graphs to recent hits, critical files, or both.

    , or specify:

Start Date (mm-dd-year)
End Date (mm-dd-year)
Filter String

The filter string may contain a file name, server name, or browser type. If this field is used, only log entries which pattern match to this string will be analyzed.

Graphics Output:

By default, graphs are alphabetically sorted by key becomes becomes

3:45 PM becomes 15:45

Set the maximum width of graphs to pixels.

Set the maximum displayed characters in data strings to .

The URL to the folder containing the "red.gif" and "tracker.jpg" images:
You can use if you want. There is no guarantee that the images will always be hosted there, so it is best if you can host the images on your own server.

Local web pages will be any web pages which contain this substring in their URL:

Warnings Display:

The "uri_warning" will be activated whenever the DOCUMENT_URI environment variable is populated for CGI requests. For more information, see this help file.

Webmaster Logging

Currently, you do not have an "axs_no_log" cookie. Your visits probably are being logged.

To log your own visits, click on Log My Visits

To not log your own visits, click Do Not Log My Visits

This feature requires that you have cookies enabled. Selecting Do Not Log My Visits will set a cookie to your browser that tells the script to not log your visits. You will need to do this for each browser you use, and you will need to repeat this process every time you delete cookies.

See this help file for more information about not tracking your own visits, including alternative techniques.

Log Management:

By default, all entries will be deleted. You may choose to delete only hits older than a certain date:  (mm-dd-year)

The access log will grow by about a kilobyte for every six hits, eventually becoming too large for processing (it's currently at 18 kb - that is not too bad). We recommend deleting the log every so often. Before doing so, you'll want to generate your favorite graphs and save them to your system as HTML files, as a record of how your site traffic evolves over time.


Click here to view debugging information. The debug output includes system information, a file system permissions test, and a list of environment variables.

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