~ Birthing the Future ~
Suzanne Arms

If we want to create a less violent world, we must begin with birth . . . . Our purpose is to inspire, foster and advocate vision and practical models for the healing and well being of life on this planet.

The scope of our mission includes whatever nourishes life on this planet in a natural and sustainable way.

Our work is based upon the principles of consciousness and compassion, integrity, respect and justice, relationship and community, simplicity and sustainability, ethics, nature and spirit. Guided by these principles, we as human beings can create space on this planet and in our hearts for the expression of universal love and harmony.

We believe that seeking and following the paths of nurturing and healing reconnects us to the roots of our humanity and our purpose as souls on this planet.

We are proud to launch Birthing the Future with our current work about women giving birth, the human soul coming into physical form, and how we must care for each other at the beginning of life - with all of its implications for maternity and newborn practices, parenting, community, healing and spirituality.

Internationally acclaimed author, photojournalist, visionary and activist, Suzanne Arms has been an acknowledged leader of the international birthing movement for over 25 years. Her 1975 book Immaculate Deception: A New Look at Women and Childbirth fueled a national movement and was named a New York Times "Best Book of the Year", Suzanne has received the prestigious Lamaze International Lifetime Achievement Award for her outstanding contributions to the world of birth.

The health care system as we have known it is in chaos, and this includes maternity care. The system and the mind-set that created it are going through a painful and dysfunctional labor–struggling to stay in control.

Suzanne Arms tells the truth, and she does it with great clarity and compassion. (Her) vision, put forth so compellingly…can help midwife this system right now. Like all good birth attendants, Suzanne understands the nature and power of support, understanding, and compassion. Those qualities help a woman, and even a health care system, to let go and allow the new creation to emerge.

Christiane Northrup, M.D., Obstetrician/Gynecologist, Best-selling author of Women’s Bodies:Women’s Wisdom and host of a PBS series on women’s health

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